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Current Events                                                                                                  Last Updated on 11.07.2019

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District Conference of Bhilwara branch held on 11.07.2019. Com S R Sharma CS, Com S S Rajput Circle Patron addressed the conference.

CS expressed his views about present situation of BSNL, role and intention if its Management and GOI I.e. Trai and DC, anticipated consequences. Achievements of SNEA and what steps would likely to be taken by SNEA for the sake of unity and to save BSNL, CS also appealed to the local comrades to enhance membership of SNEA, during his address in Distt Conf. Sh S S Rajput highlighted the present issues pending with BSNL mgt and govt. He also informed that the future of bsnl and its employees is very tough, Later or sooner we are going to catch hold by exchequers and age reduction/VRS will definitely come into force very soon, he also elaborately discussed that we have to make strong organizationally to defeat the evil forces.

Following office bearers were elected unanimously for the next term.

(1) Sh Ram Gopal Tailor ----------District President

(2) Sh Vikram Singh Chaplot----District Secretary

(3) Sh Lokesh Jain -----------District Treasurer


The Cabinet Memo on BSNL and MTNL Revival Plan is approved by the Hon Minister and will be sent to other nodal Ministries today or tomorrow for their comments:

It is learned that Cabinet Memo is redrafted based on the discussion between Cabinet Secretary and Secretary DoT.

The proposal includes:

1) 4G spectrum by 100% Govt equity infusion.

2) Taking over all the loan of BSNL and MTNL by an SPV with land parcels for equal amount.  SPV will care of debt only.


3) Allowing BSNL to monetize the remaining land, monitored by a Committee of officers from DoT and BSNL.

4) VRS for the employees above 55 years age and then retirement age reduction to 58. Funding will be through bonds having sovereign guarantee of Govt of India. The ex-gratia is worked out in such a manner that ex-gratia plus pension amount will be 25% higher than the present pay.

5) Merger of BSNL and MTNL in a phased manner after addressing the contentious issues. Initially, debt free MTNL will become a subsidiary of BSNL.



Cabinet Committee on Appointment (ACC) on 09.07.2019 approved the appointment of Shri Pravin Kumar Purwar as CMD, BSNL.


Posting orders of Sh Karni Dan JAO at Jaisalmer are ordered to reinstate immediately by worthy CGMT Raj,and order No. STA 8-5/JAO/Ch. XXVII/119, dated 01.07.2019 are restored and Posting order of Sh. Kapil Gautam to Sawai Madhopur SSA is issued.

We extend our sincere thanks to CGMT Raj.

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CS with Circle Finance Secretary met to CGMT Raj on 02.07.2019 and discussed on various issues i.e Own cost transfer requests of executives those who have completed two or more years at their posting stations and especially at soft tenure stations, Temp advance cases, EB outstanding dues, Rent payments, payments of IP Sites, Store management etc-arrangement of funds request regarding.

CGMT Raj responded positively and assured to address the issues as far as possible.

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Shri P.K. Purwar, CMD/MTNL entrusted  with the additional charge of CMD/BSNL, for a period of three months w.e.f 01.07.2019 or till the appointment of a regular incumbent to the post. It is expected that his regular appoint orders will be issued very shortly.

SNEA congratulates him and wish him all the success.


Welfare claims through LIC: Every month, the list of members for whom subscription is deducted from salary is submitted to the LIC along with the premium for their coverage. Those names available in the list only will be eligible for welfare claims. So all the Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries are instructed to ensure that new members and those who are not in check off system is brought under check off system every month.

Less deduction of subscription amount: Irrespective of repeated reminders, it is observed that the subscription for 1231 Executives are deducted for less amount like Rs 50, Rs 70 or Rs 80 instead of Rs 100. The list is enclosed. Take up the issue with concerned DDOs for correction and get the deduction implemented @ Rs 100 per month from January, 2019 onwards. The arrears from January, 2019 also may be got deducted. All SSA/Brach Secretaries may complete the process at the earliest.


With the strong pursuasion of CS-SNEA Raj Circle order issued for IDA upgradation E1-E2, E2-E3 and E3-E4 today.

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GS writes to Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon Minister for Communications: Urgent need for speedy revival of BSNL by facilitating loan for BSNL for OPEX/CAPEX, permission for land monetization and payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay which will improve the cash flow.  If the decision is delayed by another 2 to 3 months, it will be too late as BSNL network may deteriorate beyond repair/revival, making revival impossible. 

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CS writes to CGMT Raj Telecom Circle <<<Click here for the agenda letter>>>


District Conference of Ajmer TD branch held on 19.05.2019 at Hotel Lake Vinora Ajmer. Com R R Sharma CP, Com S R Sharma CS, Com S S Rajput Circle Patron addressed the conference.

Following office bearers were elected unanimously for the next term.

(1) Sh Lokesh Kashyap----------District President

(2) Sh Bhogendra Bhardwaj----District Secretary

(3)  Smt Archana Tyagi ----------District Treasurer

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First circle executive committee meeting:

First CEC meeting was held at hotel Lake Vinora Ajmer on 19th May 2019. circle secretary presented his report for the intervening period covering all the activities carried out during this period which was approved by the house after delebrations on some of the issues. An open session was also arranged on this occassion which was addressed by Com K Sebastin GS, Sh S R Sharma Circle secretary, Sh. R K Chauhan PGMTD Ajmer, Sh S L Sharma JS (W), Sh S S Rajput patron SNEA Rajasthan. Mr S R Sharma highlighted the issues I.e. shortage of material for development and maintenance of network and efforts made by association for procurement of material, acute shortage of funds for maintenance work, huge amount is being spent by field officers from their pocket. GS elaborately discussed the current status of services being rendered by BSNL i.e. FTTH, Landline, VPN etc to increase the revenue of company. GS also discussed the financial crisis of BSNL and its impact on future. Sh R K Chauhan PGMTD Ajmer told that this is a temporary phase for one or two years, if BSNL will face this challenge of hardship for one year then it will survive and again rise to its previous position. Sh S S Rajput raised that wrong policies of Govt are responsible for this worst financial position of BSNL i.e. Huge expenditure on marketing, BSNL services without considering its impact on products and revenue generation, finalization of BTS maintenance tender on very high non viable rates, huge expenditure on exchange maintenance without any return in the the name of AMC of equipment for ten years with equipment suppliers, huge expenditure on fees to Pvt companies i.e. KPMG, Delloites, IIM Ahamdabad for giving marketing strategies, study on survival of BSNL etc. GS apprised the house during delegate session regarding HR issues, current status of various DPCs i.e. JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM (T), AO to CAO, CAO to DGM (F) etc. GS told that 3% increase of SAB will be decided by management after joining of new CMD on 1st July 2019. GS told that there is apprehension in the DOT that BSNL staff is already getting higher pay scale than central government employees so there is no need to hike their pay scales further. GS told that E2 & E3 full pay scale is pending at DOT. We will try to get it through earliest. Implementation of CPSU hierarchy is the need to overcome all litigation for promotions. Delegates raised the issue of misuse of marketing funds, stopping of waste full expenditure in the name of zonal meeting, rollback of BA concept, stopping of MT recruitment etc. GS replied that marketing of BSNL product is very much essential despite that BSNL is having very less amount in this head. Total ban on physical meeting can not be implemented but we will try to minimize these. External MT recruitment will be opposed.

Circle president gave vote of thanks at the end of the delegate session and words of appreciation for arranging this CEC in a very good manner in short time.

Following resolutions were passed in CEC:

1.   Rollback of BA concept in BSNL.

2.   Stop recruitment of internal and external MT.

3.   Implementation of E2 & E3 pay scales instead of intermediate pay scales.

4.   Implementation of 3% increase in SAB as assured by CMD.            

5.   Nagaur SSA should be declared as soft tenure station.

Office accommodation to association

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1st CEC meeting of SNEA Rajasthan circle is going to be held on 19.05.2019 at hotel "Lake Villora" Vaishali nagar, Ajmer

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District conference of SNEA Bikaner branch

District conference of SNEA branch was held on 4th May 2019 at Sita Kunj Banquet Hall. A well organized open session was arranged pre lunch session. Sh. O P Khatri GMTD Bikaner was chief guest of the open session. Sh. D L Purohit DGM (Fin) was the special guest. Sh S R Sharma Circle secretary and Sh S S Rajput Patron SNEA Rajasthan, Sh. Brijesh Kataria Vice President, Sh. Dhiraj Kocher Organization Secretary, Sh. Praful Gupta Area Secretary (West), Sh. Kamal Singh Gohil Circle President BSNLEU, Sh. Gulam Hussain DS BSNLEU, Sh. N L Sharma DS AIBSNLEA, Sh. Umed Singh DS NFTE have also attended and addressed the open session. All the speakers have shown their serious concerns regarding financial viability of BSNL. Circle secretary elaborated the wrong policies of the government which have adversely affected the development and revenue i.e. implementation of KPMG recommendations, cancellation of 45.5 million GSM procurement tender, forcefully charging of BWA spectrum and 3G license fee by Govt from BSNL, abolishing of ADC charges etc. Sh. S S Rajput raised the issues regarding finalization of GSM BTS maintenance tender on nonviable very high rates, procurement of low quality equipment i.e. BB modems, NGN equipment, GSM and ERP software, formation of BBNL, formation of GSM mobile tower company, non compensating of losses of rural telephony, predatory pricing to compete with reliance JIO, free hands to JIO by govt. for freebies for unlimited period etc. A farewell party to Sh. J C Gupta district president was also organized on his superannuation retirement on 30/04/2019 on this occasion.

After lunch close session was arranged during this session. During this session there was an interactive discussion. All the queries raised by members were replied and current issues were apprised to house by circle secretary i.e. status of various DPCs, 3% SAB enhancement, status of E2 & E3 pay scales etc.

Unanimous election of office bearers for next term were conducted as under:

District President - Sh. Vinod Swamy SDE (Tx)

District Secretary - Sh. M P Vyas SDE (I/D)

District Treasurer - Sh. Vikas Sharma JTO (CMTS)

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As per assurance given by CGMT Raj Circle to our association, order of transfer of JTOs are released today.


Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan:

Circle secretary along with Sh. S S Rajput patron met CGMT and discussed the following agenda:

1.      Request transfer cases of JTOs:

     CS asked to issue the request transfer orders of JTOs those have completed more than two years at working stations and their request has been registered in the request register. CGMT told that Corporate Office has banned transfer on Govt cost.  So without substitute how the requestee will be relieved? Then we have suggested that circle administration has to consider the request of JTO who have completed three years of stay. So number of transfer will be reduced to 5-6 only. In lieu of these, JTOs coming from Gujarat under Rule-8 can be posted. Then CGMT asked to try to get relieved these JTOs from Gujarat.  Immediately we had contacted to CS Gujrat Sh. B G Patel and asked him to try to JTOs relieved so that request of our JTOs can be considered. Mr. Patel assured to pursue the matter with CGMT Gujrat and try to relieve these JTOs earliest. We requested that circle administration can issue the request transfer order immediately and substitute can be posted later on, when JTO from Gujarat will Join. We requested that only two JTOs Mr. Ajay Saini and Mr. R K Sharma have to come from Nagaur to Jaipur, Mr Rakesh Mewara from Bundi to Kota, Mr. M K Sharma from Jhunjhunu to Sikar, Mr H N Mahawar and Mr. P K Vijay from Barmer to Kota have already completed of stay, so transfer orders of these JTOs should be released immediately and JTO those are going to complete three years of stay, these orders has to be released accordingly.

Sh. Megharam choudhary was transferred from Barmer to SIrohi two years back. He has going to complete two years of stay on 2nd May 2019. We requested that both the stations are soft tenure stations so please arrange to consider his request from Sirohi to Barmer. CGMT assured for consideration.

2.      Request transfer cases of SDEs and DEs:

Association raised the issue of consideration of request transfer cases of SDEs and DEs who have completed three years of stay at working station. Mr. M K Sharma DE from Sirohi to Udaipur, Mr S R Soni DE from Churu to Sikar, Sh. Anand Parmar SDE from Pali to Jodhpur, Mrs Shashikiran SDE and Mr B L Manglecha SDE both are going to complete three years stay shortly at Barmer should be considered for transfer to Jodhpur as soon as completing of three years of stay.

 3.      Procurement of BB modems:

CS asked regarding acute shortage of BB modems in field. CGMT told that the tender has failed then we asked for diversion from other circle. CGMT told that he is on the job of diverting modem from other circle.

                    4.      Shortage of funds:

CS asked for meet out the funds shortage being faced by field staff. Due to capping of ten thousand rupees for temporary advance our SDEs and JTOs are suffering badly. CGMT told that if SSA head will recommend, he will manage to sanction higher advances if needed.

 Meeting lasted in cordial environment.


General body meeting of Alwar branch on 24/04/2019:

General body meeting of Alwar branch was held at IQ, Telephone exchange Alwar. This GB was attended and addressed by circle secretary Mr. Sita Ram Sharma and patron SNEA Rajasthan circle Sh. S S Rajput. On this occasion sixteen executives of accounts wing joined SNEA after leaving AIBSNLEA. All these new members were given warm welcome with garlanding by CS and patron. All the current issues running at circle and CHQ level were apprised by circle secretary and assured full support of circle to resolve the grievances of general member at every stage. CS also elaborated the role of SNEA for resolving HR issues and development of BSNL. Sh. S S Rajput appraised the house regarding achievement of SNEA to deciding terms and conditions at the time of absorption in BSNL from DOT i.e. getting five time bound promotions, assured pension from DOT through consolidated fund of Govt of India etc., role of SNEA for getting enhanced PF and SAB, merger of 78.2 IDA, land monetization, procurement of GSM equipment etc. We protested against unbundling of copper pair, formation of subsidiary mobile tower company, merger of MTNL and ITI with BSNL.

Sh. D N Pandey was co-opted as president of Alwar branch. This post was vacated due to transfer of district president to corporate office some time back.


Today AGSs P.P.Rao and Sanjeev met Sr GM Establishment  Sh Saurabh Tyagi and discussed on the issue of GTI. He assured to look into the issue.

Further it was also informed that the Pension Contribution on actual basis is pending in Ministry of Finance (MoF)  and today they are trying to meet the concerned Officers in MOF.


Association will take a call on VRS proposal once details are available. We have to examine whether it is linked with 3rd Pay Revision and Pension Revision or not, how funding is going to be done and which way it is going to benefit BSNL. We have to examine whether it is beneficial to the employees as well as the company. As a matter of principle, SNEA is not in favour of any kind of retrenchment including VRS.


CS met to CGMT Raj with ACS-I & OS(Central) on dated 02/04/2019 and discussed on the following issues:

1. Own cost transfer requests are to be considered of all the executives who have completed 02 yrs or more at soft tenure stations and who have completed 03 yrs or more at other than S/T stations.

2. Supply of store items in sufficient quantity.

3. Supply of tools & testing instruments where ever needed on urgent need basis.

4. Payment of temporary advance  which are lying pending since long.

5. Extra funds are required to be allotted for remote stations in different heads to achieve the targets assigned for various projects i.e. at BAM, JSM, SGR etc

6. Pending cases for IDA upgradation of executives to be considered at an earliest.

7. Rationalisation of executive staff in entire circle.

8. Transfer on longest stay basis. It was submitted that no need to transfer the executives on longest stay in view of CO ND letter dtd 14.03.2018 CGMT Raj assured to take positive steps as far as possible.

9. Transfer case of Sh H S Gurjar DGM(F) and Sh Arjun Lal Jat SDE(Elect).

10. GTI scheme. Those who have opted knowingly or unknowingly but no longer interested, they may represent to GM(Estt) BSNL CO ND through proper channel,  their applications may be forwarded by CO Jaipur.

Worthy CGMT Raj responded positively and assured to resolve the issues during the month of April-2019 in phased manner which are falling under the purview of circle. except item No (9) & (10). These are being taken up at our CHQ level.

We extend our sincere thanks to worthy CGMT-Raj in anticipation.

Innovative ideas are invited by CGMT-Raj and expressed their views for generating good revenue in all the segments for survival of our beloved co, we are really thankful to our worthy CGMT.

With Regards
CS  SNEA-Rajasthan


District conference of Jodhpur branch:

V District conference of SNEA Jodhpur was held at Hotel Sri Ram Execllency on 31 March 2019. Circle secretary Mr. S R Sharma and patron Sh. S S Rajput attended and addressed the conference. CS apprised the house regarding current issues at CHQ and circle level i.e. status of DPC s for various stages from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and DE to DGM, AO to CAO, JTO (Elec) to SDE (Elec), SDE (ELec) to EE (Elec), etc. enhancement of 3% SAB by BSNL management, financial condition of company. Sh. S S Rajput elaborately discussed the role of the association to save the BSNL at every stage. i.e. resolving basic HR issues, enhancing the ceiling of PF contribution from 6500 to actual basic pay plus DA, achieve five time bound promotion, increasing the regular DE quota from 50% to 75% etc. SNEA is working as a watchdog to protect against wrong policies of Govt. i.e. struggle against cancellation of 45.5 M GSM tender, unbundling of copper pair, refund of BWA spectrum charges of Rs. 6572 cr. Illegal 3G roaming by pvt operators etc.

There was a very good interactive session post lunch session.

Unanimous election of office bearers for new term held as under:

District President :           Sh. R L Singhatia                    DE (NTR)

District Secretary :           Sh. A H Rahi                         SDE (GSM)

District Treasurer:            Sh. Mohammad Sabir            SDE (JPR)


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 District conference of Barmer branch:

2nd District conference of Barmer SSA was held at Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple, Pachpadra Road Balotra on 1st April 2019. CS Sh. S R Sharma, Patron S S Rajput, Sh. A K tiwari TDM Barmer, Sh. A H rahi DS Jodhpur, attended and addressed the conference. CS apprised the house regarding current issues at CHQ and circle level i.e. status of DPC s for various stages from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and DE to DGM, AO to CAO, JTO (Elec) to SDE (Elec), SDE (ELec) to EE (Elec), etc. enhancement of 3% SAB by BSNL management, financial condition of company. Sh. S S Rajput elaborately discussed the role of the association to save the BSNL at every stage. i.e. resolving basic HR issues, enhancing the ceiling of PF contribution from 6500 to actual basic pay plus DA, achieve five time bound promotion, increasing the regular DE quota from 50% to 75% etc. SNEA is working as a watchdog to protect against wrong policies of Govt. i.e. struggle against cancellation of 45.5 M GSM tender, unbundling of copper pair, refund of BWA spectrum charges of Rs. 6572 cr. Illegal 3G roaming by pvt operators etc. TDM Barmer Sh. A K Tiwari discussed the problems being faced for maintaining the very vast network due to acute shortage of resources i.e. shortage of vehicles, non providing of funds as per requirement. Main problem is being faced due to acute shortage of funds for maintenance i.e. diesel bills payments and electricity bill payments.

Unanimous election of office bearers for new term held as under:

District President :           Sh. Shakti Dan Charan                    AO (TR)

District Secretary :           Sh. Nand Kumar Choudhary          AGM (NOFN)

District Treasurer:            Sh. Pratap Dan Charan                   AGM (CFA)


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Comrades, BSNL is passing through a very critical and tough period. Due to our struggle, DoT given the letter of comfort and Presidential sanction for Bank Loan for OPEX in record time.

Efforts are started for the loans. But getting Bank loan is also not so easy. Due to the huge NPA in Telecom Sector and the closure of so many operators, Banks are very reluctant to

give loans. Bank loans are not the solution for the crisis, it will give only temporary relief. We have to increase the business and revenue that only will save us. Our efforts and outputs

should be double in this regard. We should be dutiful in increasing our revenue of our company at this hour of crisis. Please strive to encourage our family and friends to use BSNL services


Let us create positive atmosphere in the organization instead of negativity. Negativity and negative propaganda in the media will further damage our image infront of the public, customers

and the banks also. Let us isolate those who are propagating negativity. Do not share the negative news coming in the social media. Think about its impact before sharing to others.



The Govt is taking calculated steps to finish off BSNL, systematically by not allowing it to expand the network and provide 4G services, deliberately creating industrial unrest in the company by stopping the funds and salary payment and making BSNL gradually sick. This is deliberate because about 6,000 Cr rupees, payable to BSNL is blocked by DoT (Rs 2350 Cr on BWA spectrum refund interest, Rs 2100 Cr on excess pension Contribution paid, other receivables from DoT). This in turn will benefit the private operators especially Reliance Jio to capture the entire telecom market. The Administrative Ministry DoT and Hon Minister repeatedly assured AUAB that it is committed for revival of BSNL, 4G spectrum allotment and settlement of HR issues as we demanded, but not done anything on the assurances. When Govt slowly gone back from the assurances and started purchasing time, AUAB in strongest protest, gone for 3 days strike in February.


DoT is meticulously implementing the Govt decisions to finish off BSNL with the support of Niti Aayog, Finance Ministry etc. The DoT finance is creating all the hurdles on each are every BSNL proposal, with the tacit support of the higher authorities. This calculated move of the Govt and the DoT placed BSNL in such a critical condition, that the employees are unable to get their salary. The DoT is not allowing BSNL to take bank loan for the CAPEX for expansion of network or OPEX for operations when other operators are taken lakhs of Crores of rupees bank loan for the CAPEX and OPEX. Due to shortage of funds, BSNL is not even able to pay electricity bills, labour charges, maintenance charges, vendor payments for the AMC, vehicle running etc which in turn is seriously affecting the services.

The AUAB discussed all these issues during the last 3 days and firmly decided to expose the conspiracies of the Govt and the DoT. Hence, the AUAB has decided to organise a massive Rally to Sanchar Bhavan on 05.04.2019. It has decided to invite the leaders of all political parties to address this rally. 

All the Circles and SSAs are requested to mobilise the maximum number of employees for the rally and to make it an historic event.

AUAB also decided to meet all the Political parties at Central level, state level and the prominent candidates of each constituency to seek their support for the revival of BSNL.


Congratulations to all...
Finally our long awaited Group Term Insurance, GTI got implemented w.e.from 02.03.2019. GTI is an initiative taken by SNEA after the MV, especially for the BSNL direct rects. The cheque is issued by BSNL on 02.03.2019 and will be handled over to LIC today.


CS writes to CGMT Raj. Circle regarding various issues of executives <<<Click here for the letter>>>


March to the PM Office on 06.03.2019 is postponed in view of the tension prevailing in the border.

In continuation of the 3 day strike, the AUAB had given call to organise a March to the PMO on 06-03-2019, for pressing the settlement of the demands. However, tension is building up in the India Pakistan border. In view of this situation, the AUAB has decided to postpone the March to the PMO. Next date of the March will be announced in due course. 


Welfare Scheme of SNEA

The welfare amount will be enhanced from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs shortly. The discussion with LIC concluded today for converting it as a Term Insurance Policy and LIC given the confirmation about the monthly premium. For the coverage of 1.5 lakhs, monthly premium will be Rs 20 (including GST).  Without increasing the subscription, the welfare claim amount will be increased from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs


March to Prime Ministers Office on 06.03.2019

The Circles to prepare elaborate arrangements to bring maximum comrades for the march. The minimum target fixed for the nearby Circles is informed to the respective CSs.

As per AUAB call we will be starting the social media campaign shortly on REVIVAL OF BSNL through Twitter to PMO, narendramodi, manojsinha, CMDBSNL, DoT etc.

As a first step, immediately create a Twitter account if you do not have. Give maximum publicity and create accounts for the employees and their family members and relatives also. 


Group Term Insurance (GTI) — last option date is today, 21.02.2019:

Last chance to exercise option or change of option allowed till today evening. Those above 50 years are having two options, for 50 lakhs or 20 lakhs. Those opted for 50 lakhs earlier can change their option to 20 lakhs and those who rejected 50 lakhs option earlier, they can opt for 20 lakhs if required.

This may be given vide publicity among all the Executives so that they can exercise their option today itself.


Decisions of the AUAB meeting held on 20-02-2019

A meeting of the AUAB was held today to review the 3 day strike and also to chalk out the future course of action. General Secretaries / Senior officer bearers of all the constituents of the AUAB participated. The meeting whole heartedly thanked the entire Executives and Non-Executives who made the 3 days strike a historic success. The meeting also congratulated the Circle and SSA level AUAB, for effectively organising the strike. 

With the view to carry forward the movement further to settle the charter of demands, the following programme of action is finalized.

1. March to Prime Ministers Office on 06.03.2019.

2. Memorandum to be submitted to all the MPs, latest by 28.02.2019 (common memorandum will be uploaded in the website).

3. To send messages to the Hon Prime Minister and Hon MoSC on Twitter (common message will be circulated).

4. Meeting the Hon Minister wherever possible by our comrades.


All the AUAB leaders of rajasthan Circle met with CGMT, Sr. GM (Finance), GM (HR) and PGMTD-Jaipur to send the actual data of strike report. No manipulation of the data will be accepted by AUAB.

Second day strike --- All the employees are requested to give the strike report to the authorities positively. The official data of participation in the strike is equally important as this figure will communicate the real resentment of BSNL employees, to the Govt. The CSs and SSA Secs to monitor the strike report sent to BSNLCO.

Those who are not participating in the strike should ponder over which side they are. In this hour of crisis, whether they are with BSNL or not? Can’t they make a small sacrifice for the company? Our participation is a small sacrifice for BSNL, for its existence, which had given everything to us. This strike and employees protest is for the survival of BSNL. Our agitation will put the revival of BSNL as priority agenda of the Govt.


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First day strike --- a roaring success ---

AUAB congratulates all the Executives and Non Executives:

The AUAB has heartily congratulated the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, for making the 1st day strike a roaring success. In its meeting held at 15:30 hrs today, the AUAB reviewed the 1st day strike. GSs and senior office bearers of all the constituents of the AUAB attended. As per the report received from Circles, the 1st day strike is near total. It is also observed that the strike is taking place in a totally peaceful manner.

On one side, in its statement issued through the Press Information Bureau late last evening, the DoT had stated that, it is in the process of negotiating with the AUAB, to resolve the issues. However, on the other side, the DoT has not come forward to invite the AUAB for talks, even after the employees have en-masse joined the 1st day strike. This only shows the double- talk of the DoT. Under these circumstances, todays meeting of the AUAB, resolved to call upon the employees to further intensify the strike and make it a cent percent success on the 2nd and 3rd day.


It is a do or die situation –

AUAB calls on all the employees to organise the 3 days strike massively

The AUAB held its crucial review meeting today. GSs/senior leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, BSNLMS, ATM, TEPU and BSNLOA participated. The meeting reviewed the preparations going on throughout the country for the 3 day strike. All the General Secretaries gave their reports on the preparations. It is very encouraging to note that, excellent preparations are going on. Especially, the momentum has picked up tremendously in the last 2 days. After considering all the factors, the meeting unanimously decided to go ahead with the strike. It starts from midnight (00:00 hrs.) today. If any clarification is required, comrades are requested to contact their respective General SecretariesThe strike should be peaceful in all respects.





Conduct door to door campaign in the remaining two days.

The revival of our company is the biggest challenge before us. All negative forces and vested interests joined their hand together against BSNL. The future of all, our young generation with 20 to 35 years of service left, at stake. The issues are so critical and common for all the employees, irrespective of Union/Assn affiliation. Since this agitation is for our survival, local and small issues should not come on the way of our unity. Join hands with each and every employee and make this strike a grand success. This strike is for our survival

Our Unity is our strength.


Talks fail - AUAB decides to go ahead with the strike:
Today the CMD BSNL and Director HR met the AUAB leaders. The AUAB representatives told the Management that, they are prepared to accept 3rd Pay Revision with 5 % fitment, as offered earlier by the DoT. However, they  demanded that this commitment should be given in writing by the DoT, so that the AUAB can consider deferment of the strike. Even this demand of the AUAB is not accepted. Further, the DoT has also diluted its earlier assurance to give IDA neutralisation immediately and process 5% fitment. The DoT is demanding that the AUAB should call off the strike, in view of the terror attack in Pulwama. The Secretary, Telecom, has put a condition that she would not meet the AUAB leaders, unless they call off the strike. Immediately after the meeting with the BSNL Management, all the General Secretaries of the AUAB met and decided to go ahead with the strike. The AUAB has also decided to exempt J&K circle from the strike, to ensure maintenance of services, in the backdrop of the terror attack. The AUAB requests all the circle and district unions to organise the strike powerfully.


CS writes to CGMT Raj Telecom Circle <<<Click here for the agenda letter>>>



All the District Secretaries, Circle office bearers and other activists of SNEA Raj Circle are requested to organize the meeting with AUAB constituents in their respective SSAs/Areas to make basic preparations for upcoming three days strike from 18/02/2019 to 20/02/2019 for implementation of third PRC recommendations and other auxiliary demands. It is mandatory, hence please make all out efforts for its grand success. Please intimate for non-cooperation by any other unions/associations at any SSA. <<<Click here for Appeal>>> <<<Click here for AUAB letter>>>


                                                   CS SNEA Raj Circle


AUAB rejects the appeal of the Management to withdraw the strike from 18.02.2019:



A meeting between the AUAB and the BSNL Management was held today, 12.02.2019 at 17:30 hrs. CMD BSNL, Director (HR & Fin) and GM(SR) were present. BSNL said that the 3 day strike by the AUAB from 18.02.2019 will be self-defeating and appealed to call off the strike. AUAB told the Management that the repeated assurances given by the Hon Minister are not implemented by the DoT and not a single issue resolved by the Govt. The AUAB also told the CMD BSNL that lot of time has been already given to DoT and the strike will now take place successfully.The AUAB rejected the appeal of the CMD/BSNL and told the Management in categorical terms that, there is no question of going back from the decision to go on strike andreaffirmed that the strike will take place at any cost.

Further CMD BSNL explained the serious financial crisis being faced by the BSNL and appealed for the cooperation of the AUAB, for deferring payment of the salary for the month of February, 2019 by 15 days as revenue flow will improve by March. The AUAB representatives firmly rejected the request of the CMD BSNL as it will further demoralise the employees and not going to serve the purpose.

A combined meeting of AUAB held at Ghaziabad, UP(West) on 12.02.2019 at 11 am SSA Secretaries and activists to participate and motivate the employees for the 3 days strike from 18.02.2019. AUAB CHQ leaders addressed the meeting. AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma, CS Com R P Sharma and CP Com Karamvir Nagar addressed the meeting.

AUAB meeting at Rohtak, Haryana will be held on 13.02.2019 at 11 am



For further mobilization for the strike, AUAB decided to conduct a march on 15.02.2019, Friday by all the

family members of BSNL employees.

A combined meeting of AUAB will be held at Gaziabad, UP(West) on 12.02.2019 at 11 am and Rohtak, Haryana on 13.02.2019 at 11 am. A lunch hour meeting will be held at BSNLCO for BSNLCO and Delhi Circle on 14.02.2019 at 01.30 pm. All Circle Office bearers, SSA Secretaries and activists to participate and motivate the employees for the 3 days strike from 18.02.2019. AUAB CHQ leaders will be addressing the meetings.

Conduct combined meetings at Circle/SSA/Branch level. 


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 08.02.2019: GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao and Sanjeev Sharma and Jt Sec(S) Com A Chandrasekhar met CMD and held discussions on the acute financial crisis in the organization. We appraised CMD about the situation in the field units which is affecting the services and gradually affect the revenue also. Since DoT is not given the letter of comfort, taking bank loan also delayed, CMD informed us.

Notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy as assured by the management: All the promotions are held up due to non-availability of posts, court cases and reservation issue. The reservation policy and the seniority related dispute created deadlock in JTO to SDE promotion. In other streams non-availability of vacancies is the main problem. BSNL is following the post based promotions followed in Govt Depts which is the main reason for creating such situation. This created huge disparity in promotions which resulted in resentment among the Executives especially the major wing, Engg wing. As a solution to all the issues, the new promotion policy is approved by the BSNL Board in line with the promotion policy followed in all CPSUs. It is to be implemented immediately, w.e.f 01.07.2018, we demanded.

Assn is not able to contain the resentment among the Executives waiting for promotion and will be compelled to start agitations in short notice, we informed. CMD reassured to notify the policy at the earliest. 


Meeting with Shri A M Gupta, GM(SR) on 08.02.2019: GS, President, AGSs Com P P Rao and Sanjeev Sharma and Jt Sec(S) Com A Chandrasekhar met GM(SR) and held discussions on i) notification of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy as assured by the management and ii) office accommodation at Circle and SSA level. Assn is not able to contain the resentment among the Executives waiting for promotion and will be compelled to start agitations in short notice, we informed.



Make extensive preparations at Circle/SSA/Branch level by conducting combined meetings and door to door campaign.


(1)   Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.

(2)   Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management.

(3)   Implement assurance of the Hon Minister of State for Communications for delinking pension revision from pay revision. Revise pension of BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

(4)   Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the Government rule.

(5)   Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee.

(6)   a) Approval for BSNL’s Land Management Policy without any delay.

b) Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.

(7)   (a) Ensure financial viability of BSNL, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers, at the time of formation of BSNL.

(b) Issue letter of comfort for BSNL’s proposals for taking bank loans.

(c) Expeditiously fill up all vacant post of BSNL Board of Directors.

(8)   Scrap BSNLs outsourcing for the operation and maintenance of its mobile towers. 


Group Term Insurance (GTI): Finally the initiative taken by SNEA is becoming a reality.

The Committee meeting today finalized the GTI scheme and the policy documents. MoU will be signed next week. It is decided between LIC and us that

1. Coverage will be effective from 01.03.2019 and payment will be made on 28.02.2019 or 01.03.2019.

2. There will be two schemes with 50 lakhs coverage and 20 lakhs coverage.

3. For 50 lakhs coverage, premium will be annual. Separate premium will be applicable for those upto 50 years (plus 5 months 29 days as on effective date 01.03.2019) and above 50 years.

4. Another scheme with 20 lakhs coverage will be there for those above 50 years with quarterly premium.

5. Those who are above 50 years they can opt for either 50 lakhs or 20 lakhs scheme. For both 50 lakhs and 20 lakhs, rate of premium will be same and total amount will be proportionate.

6. Option will be opened for two days, mostly on 11th and 12thFeb. There will be an option to change also.

This information may be given vide publicity so that all Executives that they can exercise their option on 11th or 12th.



All India Public Sector and Central Govt officers Confederation (AIPCOC) hit the streets of New Delhi on 04.02.2019 with more than 10,000 officers from Public Sector Banks, CPSUs and Central Govt Depts marched to the PRIME MINISTERS OFFCIE, making the march one of the historic one in the history of AIPCOC, NCOA and SNEA demanding:

1. Removal of affordability clause for Pay Revision in CPSUs.

2. Wage settlement in Public Sector Banks.

3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL & MTNL.

4. Stoppage of all moves towards Privatization.

5. Govt support for revival of CPSUs.

6. Ensure Assured Pension for all.

March started at 10.30 am even before the scheduled time as police forced to start the march early. Earlier Police denied permission and tried to shift the venue to Ramlila Maidan which AIPCOC did not agreed. Police stopped the march at Jantar Mantar.

Hundreds of SNEA comrades from various Circles, AP, BSNLCO, Delhi,  Gujarath, J&K, Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, Rajasthan, Telangana, UP(W), UP(E), Uttarakhand participated in the march. The participation by Rajasthan and Punjab Circles was excellent and requires special appreciation. Due to heavy fog, in north India, all the trains were running vary late and lot of comrades could not reach for the march. CHQ congratulate all the comrades, especially the CSs for making the march a grant success.

Hundreds of Executives from different parts of the country from various CPSUs, with huge number from MTNL, participated in the march making big presence of NCOA and AIPCOC.

Com Tapan Sen, Hon MP and General Secretary/CITU, Com N K Premachandran, Hon MP, Com Sanjay Singh, Hon MP addressed the march at Jantar Mantar.


Parliament march on date 04.02.2019 at 11:00 hrs from Barakhambha Road to PMO, New Delhi under the banner of AIPCOC & AIBCOC. SNEA participated with good number of members from Rajasthan circle. The parliament march was organised in support of following demands: - 1.Removal of affordability clause for Pay Revision in CPSUs.

2. Wage settlement in Public Sector Banks.

3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL & MTNL.

4. Stoppage of all moves towards Privatization.

5. Govt support for revival of CPSUs.

6. Ensure Assured Pension for all.

SNEA is the only member of AIPCOC & AIBCOC from BSNL .