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      Last Updated on 20.02.2017

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Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan

Circle Secretary along with ACS Sh. S.R.Sharma, Circle President Sh. V.S. Khichar met CGMT Rajasthan to discuss following agenda :-

 1.      Acute shortage of essential store :-

 Circle Secretary raised the issue of acute shortage of EPBT instrument, Power Meter and splicing Kit for OFC and Jointing Kits size 2&3 for U/G cable. CGMT told that 2500 EPBT has been received yesterday and another 2000 will be coming in next lot and we are trying to get more EPBT’s in near future. Procurement of Power Meter is being done at Corporate Office level. Other material is also being arranged shortly.

 2.      Abnormal delay in time bound up gradation cases:

 Circle Secretary raised that time bound up-gradations are being badly delayed by SSAs even after lapses of years together these cases have not been send to circle office for DPC at Circle Office level, though as per guideline of corporate office these cases has to be processed six months advance, twice a year. CGMT called GM (HR) and AGM personal and fired like anything for this lapse at the part of circle office and asked to issue strong letter to SSA Heads for timely submission of these cases to circle office, any delay in this regards will be viewed seriously. CGMT warned the GM (HR) to ensure that there should not be any delay at circle office in conducting DPC within time schedule.

 3.      Improper implementation of BA concept in Rajasthan circle:

 Circle Secretary raised that due to implementation of BA concept in Rajasthan, the smooth functioning of SSAs in badly affecting at small SSAs, due to implement BA concept operation and sales work is completely destroyed. As per guidelines of ERP these two functions should remain with SSA for affective working of SSA. CGMT told that you should taken up this issue at Corporate Office level through your General Secretary, we  have already send this case to Corporate Office for review. Circle Secretary assured to do needful at Corporate Office level.

 4.      Request transfer cases of JTOs:

 Circle Secretary protested the request transfer of four JTOs considered on pick and choose basis at time of posting of JTOs for four week field training on 26-12-2016. Despite of timely protested this issue by Association on 23rd Dec. 2016 to CGMT. Circle Secretary demanded that all the request transfers of JTOs has to be considered in the month of march positively to over come the resentment among other JTOs waiting for considering of request transfers. CGMT assured to consider all the pending request transfer cases in March 2017.

 5.      Retention/Cancellation of Transfer orders of Mrs. Chetanya Sharma:

 Circle Secretary requested for retention of Mrs. Chetenya Sharma till 31.03.2018 or can cancellation of his transfer order from Jaipur TD to Ajmer TD. CGMT assured to look into and consider the case faverourebly.  

 6.      Request transfer case of Mr. N L Meena TDM Jaisalmer and Sh. S.R. Saini TDM Barmer:

 Circle Secretary asked for consideration of these request transfer cases. Mr. N.L. Meena has already served at hard tenure station Banswara for three years and two years at Corporate Office New Delhi. Mr. S.R. Saini is going to retire on superannuation in the month of Feb. 2018. CGMT assured to for consideration of their request earliest in the month of March 2017.

 7.      Relaxation to consider the transfer under rule 8 to Mr. Sanjeev Chouhan JTO Jaislmer:

 Mr. Sanjeev Chouhan JTO Jaisalmer is working as JTO since 31st March 2014. He has completed near about 3 year service as JTO, before that he had worked as TTA at same station for ten years. His wife is working as Govt. Teacher at Sitapur under UP (East). Circle Secretary requested for relaxation for two years for consideration of rule 8 transfer case. CGMT assured for consideration of this case.  


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


District Conference of Udaipur Branch :-

District conference of Udaipur branch was held on 14th January 2017 at Hotel Land Mark. On this occasion  a well organized open session was held in post lunch session. Circle Secretary along with Circle President Mr. V.S. Khichar, organizing Secretary Mr. P. Nanda, from association side and Sh. J.C. Minaria Sr. GM Udaipur, Sh. Jitender Kumar Addl. GM , Sh. O.P. Sharma DGM (Admn & Rural), Sh. J.C. Heda IFA Udaipur from administration side and District President and District Secretaries of all the unions and association attended and addressed the open session. All the speakers shown their serious concern regarding decline trend or revenue of BSNL due to wrong policies of Govt.

Circle Secretary elaborately highlighted the wrong policies of Govt. i.e. formation of subsidiary mobile tower company, formation of separate land bank company, non checking of free calling and free unlimited data downloading on reliance JIO upto 31st March 2017. Non procurement of essential stores i.e. EPBT, Drop-wire, Jointing Kits and high fiber of cables etc. which lead to poor quality of service being provided to customers and adversely affecting the development and maintenance of telecom network.

Sr. GM Udaipur Sh. J.C. Minaria also supported association's view on all these issues but he urged the house that despite of constraints of resources, we should try to render best services by available resources and always think positive and hope for best.

Post lunch close session was held, during this session Circle Secretary addressed the house and elaborately apprised the house regarding organizational matters, status of holding of various DPCs, development on going HR issues i.e. E2-E3 scales, 30% SAB for direct recruritees,  pay parity issue formation of committee for resolution of 22820/- issues etc.

Unanimous election of district body was held during this session as given below.   

District President      :  Sh. D. S. Vyas, SDE

District Secretary      :  Sh. Kuldeep Paliwal, JTO

District Treasurer      :  Sh. D. R. Sharma, SDE


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>

Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan

Circle Secretary along with Mr. H.P. SHarma CWC member met to CGMT Rajasthan for discussing following agenda points :-

1.  Procurement of essential stores :- Circle Secretary raised the issue of EPBT instruments, U.G. Cable, Joint Closers of M02 and 3 are running short since long so development and maintenances work is affecting badly. CGMT told that P.O. for procurement of EPBT instrument has been given to L2 vender and supply of instrument is under process. EPBT instrument will be supplied in adequate quantity ,procurement of drop wire and power meter will also be expected and supply will be ensured earliest.

2. Relieving of Mr. R.K. Jain TDM Jhalawar on his transfer to Kota :- Circle Secretary asked for reliving of Mr. R.K. Jain from Jhalawar to Kota on considering of his request transfer on 30.12.2016. CGMT instructed to GMTD Kota for immediately reliving him for Kota without waiting for joining of Mr. Mukesh Meena at Jhalawar from Gohati by giving looking after charge to any of the DGM KOTA accordingly GMTD asked to Mr. Jain for joining from medical leave so that he can be relieved for KOTA.

3. Change of posting station of Mr. H.R. Bhati looking after as AGM from Barmer to Jodhpur :- Circle secretary shown annoyance for abnormal delay in a fair and genie case this case was agreed by you in the meeting on 20.12.2016, but till today file has not cleared for modifying the orders even though substitute for posting at Barmer has already given as Mr. N.K. Choudhary looking after AGM at Jodhpur has given his won cost request transfer application for transfer to Barmer. CGMT asked GM (HR & Admn) for come with file and got it cleared and issue orders.

4. Regarding withdrawal of letter no. STA/1-11/Reg./A/2007 dated 23.02.2016 for registration of intra circle transfer applications :- Circle secretary demanded for withdrawal of above referred letter dt. 23.02.2016. CS raised that this letter is contrary to section A6(C) for request transfer within recruiting unit of employees transfer policy of Corporate Office. CGMT told that who this letter was issued in contradiction  to Corporate Office Guideline ? association has raised very genie point, so this letter will be withdrawn immediately.

5. Releving of Mr. H.R. Meena for looking after as AGM from Bhilwara to Jhalawar :- Circle Secretary reminded to CGMT that it was promised that after joining of new JTOs on 24.12.2016 at Bhilwara Mr. H.R. Meena will be relieved but even passing fortnight  time Mr. Meena has not been relieved till today. CGMT asked GM Bhilwara for relieving of Mr. Meena immediately so he may join at Jhalawar. GMTD Bhilwara agreed for relieving him with in two days.


All the district secretaries are requested to ensure that collection of the declaration form for subscription deduction should be collected at the earliest and submitted to the DDOs for processing well in advance. Our SSA and Branch Secretaries make this opportunity to meet everyone and thank them for electing SNEA as the Recognized Association for next 3 years.

Quota up-to December, 2016 should be collected simultaneously. SSA Secretaries to open bank account if not opened.

For opening of bank account certificate of registration of association is given below for your ready reference please.

<<< click here for certificate of registration  >>>


Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Circle Secretary along with ACS Shri S R Sharma and Branch Secretary CO JP Shri R K Gupta met with CGMT Raj and discussed to following agenda points:

 Anomalies in request transfer orders of JTOs: On completion of JTO Training of Batch No 99 and 100 at  RTTC Jaipur, While issuing of their Posting  orders for 04 weeks field training, the requests of four JTOs from soft tenure stations considered by Circle Admin on pick and choose basis, whereas seniors (in request)  are left without  consideration,  Circle Secretary strongly protested for this arbitrary act of Circle Administration and put the demand to CGM, either to cancel these four requestes or to consider all the transfer requests from soft tenure stations, instantly CGM Raj is agreed upon to take immediate suitable action to remove this anomaly.

Other issues as mentioned in letter dtd 20/12/2016 were reminded for early disposal i.e. change of posting station of Sh H R Bhati from BAM to JPR for L/A as AGM and considering the request of N K Choudhary for L/A as AGM from JPR to BAM, Change of posting station of Shri B M Sharma and relieving of Shri H R Meena from BWA to JLR for L/A as AGM.

CGMT fully assured to expedite the pending issues and orders will be issued shortly, because from last two days posting of JTO Trainees of Batch No 99 and 100 for 52 trainees is under process


Meeting with JTO trainees at RTTC Jaipur

 52 TTAs are under training of JTO phase first at RTTC jaipur. Their training is going to complete on 23rd Dec. 2016, during meeting with CGMT their posting at same place without more disturbing was discussed. CGMT agreed with CS and asked to discuss & decide with DGM  (Admn) for their posting.

In the evening at 18 Hrs. all the office bearers held a meeting with these trainees at RTTC and circle secretary elaborately discussed the vision and achievements of SNEA and assured them for full support for resolving their legitimate issues by SNEA at every stage. All the 52 trainees assured for joining SNEA after completion of first phase training. Mr. Rajender Khanna CS SNATTA was also under training and he has also shown his full faith in SNEA and assured for joining SNEA by all the JTO trainees after completion of their first phase training.  



Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan :- 

Circle Secretary along with Circle President, Circle Treasurer, A.G.S. and A.S. North and DS Circle office branch met CGMT at first time after MV and getting status of representative association of executives in BSNL CGMT and GM (HR&A) congratulates for this historical win in 1st MV in executives and getting status of representative association for three years.

Discussions were held on following point.

1.       Acute shortage of essential stores :- CS strongly raised this issue of shortage of EPBT since last four months, shortage of UG Cable, Jointing Kit of size 2 and 3 and drop wire. CGMT told that procurement of EPBT will be done earliest through L2 vender in tender it is already under process and we will expedite the case to receive material earliest, procurement of jointing kits will also be done earliest and adequate quantity of drop wire has to be ensured. CS raised the shortage of power meter for maintenance and development of transmission network. CGMT assured for early procurement.

2.       Request transfer case of Mr. R.K. Jain TDM Jhalawar to Kota :- CS raised that this case was discussed on 7th Nov. 2016 and it was agreed by CGMT but case is still pending. CGMT assured for earliest consideration of this case.

3.       Change of posting station of Mr. H.R. Bhati from Barmer to Jodhpur for looking after as AGM :- CS asked to change the posting station for LA as AGM from Barmer to Jodhpur for Mr. H.R. Bhati and considering of request of Mr. N.K. Choudhary for posting him from Jodhpur to Barmer as looking after AGM. CGMT agreed for both the cases.

4.       Cancellation of transfer order of Mr. N.K. Jain from Kota to Jaipur :- Circle Secretary asked for cancellation of this wrong order, because Mr. Jain has transferred from Jhalawar to Kota only before four years and near about 10 JTOs working at Kota are senior to Mr. Jain in stay at Kota, so orders of Mr. N.K. Jain should be cancelled immediately. Request of Mr. Tarun Saini should be considered for transfer him from Sikar to CMTS Wing Jaipur in place of Mr. N.K. Jain. CGMT agreed for both the cases.

5.       Change of posting station of Mr. B.M. Sharma from Sirohi to Sikar :- CS reminded that this case was agreed on 7th Nov. 2016 in informal meeting with CGMT but still case is pending. Immediately CGMT instructed GM (HR & A) for put up this case and CGMT also shown his annoyance for not put up this case to him even after it was marked for put up. Case has been put up on same day and order will be issued within one or two days.

6.       Relieving of Mr. H. R. Meena for L/A as AGM from Bhilwara to Jhalawar :- Circle Secy. Told that from last one year there is no any AGM at Jhalawar. Mr. H.R. Meena has been posted on his own cost at Jhalawar. So he should be relieved immediately. CGMT told that within two three day after posting of JTOs at Bhilwara Mr. H.R. Meena will be relieved.



CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


District conference of Jhalawar SSA.

Circle Secretary attended and addressed the membership verification campaigning meeting at Jhalawar along with Circle V.P. Sh. Vijay Bansal, District Sec. of Kota Sh. Dinesh Kumar. Circle Secretary elaborately discussed the significance of MV in executive associations and its impact on resolution of HR issues which are running pending since long time.

District Conference of the branch was also held during this meeting. Election of office bearers for next term was conducted unanimously.

Patorn                 - Sh. R.K. Jain, TDM Jhalawar

District President - Sh. Sanjay Arora, SDE Jhalawar

District Secretary - Sh. S.S. Bikawat, SDE Jhalawar

District Treasrar   - Sh. Sunil Kumar Sharma, JTO Jhalawar 


Kind Attention Please :-

Dear Comrades,

Postal ballot is to be used where ever required especially for executives those are working beyond 20 K.M. from the polling station. Postal ballot is to be dispatched by 17th Nov. by Asst. Returning Officer of that concerned SSA. Focus on it and don't miss a single vote.

JAO training will be completed by this weekend and they all will join on 21st Nov. 2016. 90% of them are TTAs approach them in advance. They are having vote, so be in touch and convince them for voting in the favor of SNEA.

Membership verification campaigning programme will be as under.

Our Chairman Sh. G.L. Jogi, All India President Sh. A.A. Khan and our G.S. Mr. K. Sebastin will address the gatherings. The SSAs shown is the bracts with main station of meeting will be attending campaigning meeting at that station :

DATE Meeting Station Adjoining SSAs they will participate Main Speakers
28-11-2016 Jaipur Ajmer, Tonk, Bharatpur, Alwar Sh. G.L. Jogi, Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. K. Sebastin, Sh. S.S. Rajput, Sh. V.S. Khichar
29-11-2016 Jhunjhunu Sikar, Churu Sh. G.L. Jogi, Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.S. Rajput, Sh. V.S. Khichar
30-11-2016 Shri Ganganagar   Sh. G.L. Jogi, Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.L. Sharma, Sh. S.S. Rajput, Sh. V.S. Khichar
01-12-2016 Bikaner Nagaur Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.L. Sharma, Sh. S.S. Rajput, Sh. V.S. Khichar
02-12-2016 Jodhpur Barmer, Jaisalmer, Pali Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.L. Sharma, Sh. V.S. Khichar, Sh. S.S. Rajput,
03-12-2016 Udaipur Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Banswara Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.L. Sharma, Sh. V.S. Khichar, Sh. S.S. Rajput
04-12-2016 Kota Bundi, Jhalawar, Sawaimadhopur Sh. A.A. Khan, Sh. S.L. Sharma, Sh. V.S. Khichar, Sh. S.S. Rajput

All the CHQ/Circle/ District office bearer's are requested for arranging 100% participation of executives in this meeting and make these programmes a grand success.


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>

Circle Secretary along with ACS Sh. S.R. Sharma and CWC member Sh. H.P. Sharma met to CGMT Rajasthan and discussed on following issues :-

1. Procurement of essential stores :- Circle secretary strongly demanded for procurement of critical stores for development and maintenance of telecom network. Stores like EPBT and drop wire, jumper wire are back bone of outdoor network, these all three items are running short since long. Development and maintenance work effecting badly due to shortage of these essential stores so these items should be made available to field staff immediately by division from other circle and subsequently procurement of stores should be ensured earliest to make permanent solution of this problem. 

2. Un-Justice with disciplined and obedient executive :- Circle Secretary strongly protested the action of circle administration for manipulating long back longest stay basis transfer orders without any justified ground on the factices grounds. CS clearly told to CGMT that this type of un Justification with disciplined officers who has obeyed the transfer orders of Circle administration and joined there duty immediately after reliving will not be tolerated and our association will be compelled to launch trade union action against this un justice. CGMT assured that there will not be any manipulation with exiting transfer orders already issued and executives has not join at transferred station.

3. Request transfer case Mr. R.K. Jain, TDM Jhalawar :- Sh. R.K. Jain TDM Jhalawar has been posted at Jhalawar on his posting on promotion in the month of May 2016. Mr. R.K. Jain is going to retire on superannuation on 31st March 2017. He is permanent resident of Kota. At the time of promotion the officers there retirement was after three to four years had been posted at Kota but Mr. Jain who was having less than one year time in retirement was posted at Jhalawar, so his request for posting at Kota should be considered immediately. CGMT assured for consideration of his request earliest.

4. Change of Posting station of Mr. B.M. Sharma, SDE from Sirohi to Sikar :- Sh. B.M. Sharma has been transferred on longest stay basis from CMTS Jaipur to Sirohi and releived on 31st March 2016. Mr. Sharma is suffering from severe hart problem. He has already under gone tow heart surgeries. Continuous follow-up is essential from senior cardiologist. He is requested for change of transfer station from Sirohi to Sikar, so that he can manage his health follo while working out of Jaipur. Circle Secretary requested to CGMT for considering his genie request for change of posting station on transfer. CGMT assure to considered favorably.



Campaigning for membership verification among executives' associations is going on since last one month in various SSAs. To ensure maximum voting in favor of SNEA well functional branch is essential at that SSA. after a long gap of about six years, district body of SNEA Bhilwara was reinstated with thumping majority, out of total 36 executives working at Bhilwara 28 executives has been attended the general body meeting and enrolled member of SNEA. Circle president Mr. V.S. Khichar and Area Secretary (South)Mr. A.S. Parihar along with Circle Secretary attended the General Body meeting.

Circle Secretary elaborately discussed the achievement of SNEA in HR issues and development related issues of BSNL. Efforts of SNEA for constitution of Khan Committee and implementation of its recommendations i.e. E2 & E3 pay scale, CPSU cadre hierarchy. First TBP in 4 to 5 years, SAB for direct recruited JTOs in BSNL. Role of SNEA constituting of 3rd PRC, up lifting of cadre of JTO by getting pay scales up graded in 4th, 5th and 6th CPC with gazetted status for JTO cadre, ensuring term and condition before absorption in BSNL etc.

Election of office bearers for next term were conducted unanimously as under :-

District President    : Sh. D. S. Solanki, SDE

District Secretary    : Sh. Anil Panwar, SDE

District Treasurer    : Sh. Lokesh Kashyap, JTO



Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan :

Circle Secretary along with ACS Mr. S.R.Sharma and CWC member Mr. H.P. Sharma met to CGMT Rajasthan to discuss the following agenda.

1. Retention of Mr. Shekhar Gour JTO at Jaipur till 31st March 2017.

Circle Secretary asked to CGMT that Sh. Shekhar Gour JTO is under transfer to Ajmer since 08-04-2015 and relieved on 31-07-2016. His 80 year old mother is suffering from multiple disease i.e. paralysis disabilities and hyper tension. Mr. Shekhar Gour is a divorcee person. There is no any member in his family to look after his mother except him. His mother is not in a position to shift her to Ajmer. So it is requested that his transfer order should be held in abeyance till 31st March 2017. CGMT agreed immediately for his retention at Jaipur till 31st March 2017. 

Circle secretary asked for considering of pending request transfers of our office bearers i.e. our Area Secretary (North) Mr. Kapil Saini JTO Sikar, from Sikar to Jaipur and our District President Swaimadhopur Mr. Samarth Lal Meena SDE, from Swaimadhopur to Jaipur and transfer case of Mr. Jile Singh JTO, on medical ground from Sikar to Jaipur. CGMT agreed for consideration of these request transfer orders today it self and he has arranged to release all three request transfers with in same date of 5th Oct. 2016. We are very much thank full for this immediate action of CGMT Rajasthan.

Circle Secretary raised the issue for procurement of essential stores like EPBT, High Fiber OFC, Splicing Kits and Dislems etc. Due to acute shortage of these critical stores development and maintenance work is adversely affecting. CGMT assure for early arrangement of these critical stores on temporary basis and  procurement in adequate quantity so that development work may not hamper and our present growth rate should not slowing down.  

CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


Tour of western Rajasthan

Circle Secretary along with CHQ Vice President Mr. S.L. Sharma, Circle President Mr. V.S.Khichar, CWC member Mr. A.H. Rahi were on the tour of western Rajasthan for campaigning regarding membership verification which is going to be held on 16-11-2016. Circle Secretary in his address specially focused on growth related issues. BSNL taken lot of marketing initiatives recently those are to be translated in business by employees. CS elaborately discussed the HR issues (a) Replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3, (b) Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy up to AGM (c) Superannuation benefit to BSNL  direct recruits (d) promotion in various cadres. (e) First Time bound promotion in 5 years instead of 6 years. (f) Constituting of 3rd PRC under the process of NCOA, in which SNEA is the only participant from BSNL. Pay scales revision through continuous struggles, the scales got up graded in 1987,996 and 2002 on absorption in BSNL. Struggle of SNEA for reconstitution of joint committee in 2015. Sincere after of SNEA for implementation of recommendation of Khan Committee and its hardles being created by out counter parts. To come out of the court cases and streamline promotions, CPSU cadre hierarchy is the only viable solution.

SNEA all along struggled to defeat any attack on our beloved company. We were in the forefront of all the struggles, mobilizing all the employees in the struggles against stopping of ADC, unbundling of copper cables, 45.5 M GSM tender cancellation, disinvestment, tender cancellation, ITS absorption issues, MTNL & BSNL merger, tower subsidiary formation etc etc and demanding USO fund subsidy. IT refund, procurement of equipments etc. SNEA alone struggled on BWA spectrum refund, 3G roaming etc. To continue the struggle to protect the company, SNEA is to be strengthened further. Our slogan is Strengthen SNEA , Strengthen BSNL.

District conference of Jaisalmer : -

First district conference of Jaisalmer branch was held on 21 Sep. 2016 at Inspection Quarter, Telephone Exch. Campus Jaisalmer. 18 executives including TDM, Sh. N.L. Meena. Out of21 posted at jaisalmer were present in the meeting. After circle secretary’s address in general body meeting, election of office bearer were conducted unanimously.

Patron                             –   Sh. N.L. Meena, TDM Jaisalmer.

President                        –   Sh. N.S. Shekhawat, CAO

District Secretary          –   Sh. N.K. Joshi, SDOP

Treasurer                       –  Sh. M.S. Pau, JTO


District Conference of Barmer :-

District conference of Barmer branch was held on 22-09-2016 after a long gap of abont 20 years, at conference hall TDM Office Barmer. 25 Executives out of 36 enrolled our members on this occasion. After circle secretary’s address covering growth related issues of BSNL, financial liability of BSNL ,past history for achieving higher pay scales by struggles by  SNEA etc. Election of office bearers for next term were conducted unanimously.

District President       - Sh. B.L. Vaishnav, CAO

District Secretary      – Sh. B.L. Manglecha, SDE

District Treasurer     – Sh. Shaktidan Charan, AO

General Body Meeting of Jodhpur :- 

Circle Secretary along with CHQ VP Sh. S.L. Sharma, CP Sh. V.S. Khichar and CWC member Sh. A.H. Rahi attended and addressed the general body meeting of Jodhpur branch on 22-09-2016. CS elaborately discussed on HR issues including posting of holding of DPCs for promotion to JTO to SDEs , SDEs to Des etc. implementation of recommendation of Khan committee, constitution of 3rd PRC and its implementation, growth related issues of BSNL. Challenges before BSNL regarding financial viability,  Membership verification among executives, roll of SNEA for upliftment of cadre and achieving pay scale up gradations through continuous struggle etc.


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


Welcome of New CGMT Rajashtan :-

Sh. R.C. Arya, new CGMT Rajasthan, welcomed by presenting bucket on 14-09-2016 on joining as CGM at Jaipur. After introduction of  office bearers, CGMT discussed regarding achievement in CM & CFA segment and advised to focus on achieving higher than assigned targets in both the streams to retain the growth rate of Rajasthan Circle on top. CGMT told that if executives will pursue with subordinate staff for chasing of assigned targets than it will be possible to achieve the targets. So middle management should play his roll effectively. He told that there is large scope of achieving higher targets in Rajasthan because it is a potential circle with regards to expectations and further development for voice and data.


Audited accounts of BSNL for the year 2015-16 approved by BSNL Board yesterday.

It is a moment of great satisfaction for all the employees as BSNL is growing under great challenges. Still we could improve the revenue also. SWAS programmes giving life to BSNL in terms of growth, quality of service and revenue.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->· After 2009-10, highest Revenue. Total Revenue 32,918 crores (Last year it was 28,648 crores).

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Highest operational revenue. Revenue from Operation is 28,449 crores comparing to 27,242 crores of last year.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Increase in revenue from operations by 4.43%.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Total revenue increased by 15% mainly due to interest on Income Tax refund, Amount write back etc.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Losses reduced by 53%, from Rs 8234 crores to 3880 Crores.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->EBITA—3854 crores against 672 crores of last year. This hike in profit is mainly because of the 3400 Crores on Interest on IT refund and Amount write back. Actual increase in revenue from operations will be 3854-3400=454 Crores.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Employees Expenditure slightly reduced from 54.3% to 54.08%.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Admin expenditure increased slightly from 39.9% to 40%.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->·  <!--[endif]-->Least debt Telecom company. BSNL is having only 2500 Crores.

Status of E2, E3 pay scales: Based on the BSNL reply dated 18.08.2016 on revision of pay scales, PSU section once again processed the BSNL proposal on 05.09.2016. We requested PSU section to focus the reply of BSNL where it replied that replacement of E1A and E2A to E2 and E3 is part of 2nd PRC for which presidential order is not issued by DoT so far. It cannot be referred to DPE or 3rd PRC as suggested by DoT. It has to be decided now itself. It is learned that PSU section opined that there is no objection as the proposal is in line with the DPE guidelines. It is confirmed that the proposal moved from Addl Secretary, DoT to Finance section yesterday morning. The real challenge lies in getting DoT Finance approval as last time DoT Finance only objected the proposal citing financial implications.

United Forum demands the intervention of CMD and DIR(HR) at this crucial stage.



Joint Action Committee met CGMT Rajasthan on 05-09-2016 and discussed regarding the complaint letter sent by JAC Sawaimadhopur. JAC requested to CGMT Rajasthan for conducting impartial enquiry as early as possible and resolved the matter earliest so that trust between Employees and administration can be resorted and conducive  atmosphere can be established to boost development of the SSA.  CGMT assured for early action in this matter.

JAC writes to CGMT Rajasthan :   <<< click here for letter  >>>


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


History, status and vision of SNEA on Superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees:

After pay, pension and terminal benefits are the most important concern for any serving employee. Similarly, for the employees directly recruited by BSNL, Superannuation benefit is the most important issue directly affecting their social security. At the time of formation of BSNL itself, this important issue got covered in Rule 37A. As per Rule 37A, BSNL employees absorbed from DoT are covered by Govt pension under CCS pension Rules 1972 and for the BSNL directly recruited employees, a separate pension fund is to be formed. Instead of forming a separate pension fund, EPF pension scheme introduced for the BSNL directly recruited employees, after discussion with the Unions and Assns. All were demanding for a more secured EPF scheme instead of forming a pension fund.

Initially, the EPF contribution was a fixed amount of Rs 781/- per month for all the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs, with the ceiling of 12% of 6500, irrespective of the emoluments. BSNL continued the same contribution till 2005. SNEA struggled since 2003 for the removal of the ceiling on EPF contribution, demanding full 12% of the emoluments (basic pay plus IDA) as the employer contribution. Finally BSNL management agreed to our demand in May, 2005 and BSNL Board approved the proposal with retrospective effect. The orders issued removing the ceiling on 12th August, 2005 with retrospective effect, making provision for EPF contribution @ 12% of emoluments, w/o ceiling, a big achievement for the BSNL direct recruits. This was the second major issue, SNEA could settle for the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs. First was the E1A pay scale for the direct recruits also at par with the absorbed officers instead of E1 scale.

2nd PRC recommended a separate pension fund, with a contribution, maximum upto 30% of the emoluments towards PF, Pension, Gratuity and Post Retirement Medical Benefits. This demand came into limelight when Forum gone on agitation in 2012 along with other demands of 78.2% IDA and CCL. Till that time management was taken a stand that there is no need for a separate pension fund as EPF scheme is available. During settlement of the agitation, management agreed to constitute a committee to examine it.The committee recommended for a separate pension fund, starting with a contribution of 2% from BSNL.

In 2013-14, then CMD agreed for 4% contribution and in our AIC at Jaipur, present CMD assured 6% contribution, in the presence of almost all the General Secretaries. However there was no conscience among the Unions/Assns even on 6%, sticking to unrealistic demand of 12%. On 19.02.2016 in our absence, management announced 3% in a meeting and gone ahead with that. SNEA strongly protested against this betrayal. We are continuing our struggle to see that this 3% contribution is enhanced to the 6% as assured to SNEA for the time being. We shall continue to struggle for the full 30% Eventhough the 3% proposal is approved by Board and gone to DoT for approval, our strong protest reopened the case and management agreed to review the contribution after recalculation of the medical expenses. Now UF also taken it as a demand in the trade union notice.

The proposal is pursued in DoT for early administrative approval. Association met almost all the senior officers in DoT in this regard. On 19.08.2016, an agenda meeting was held with secretary, DoT in this regard in which Secretary directed the concerned officers to clear the proposal and assured that DoT approval will be communicated to BSNL shortly.

Our future agenda in 3rd PRC is to ensure that superannuation benefit is becoming a mandatory provision, giving no scope to the management to linger on or decide the quantum of contribution.


History, status and vision of SNEA on E2, E3 Pay Scales for JTO, SDE and equivalent Cadres:

Earnest Appeal from SNEA to “All the Stake Holders” to join hands for a conclusive fight on E2, E3 Pay scales in the coming days.

Comrades, today the basic cadres, JTO and SDE equivalent are under threat of demotion. These prestigious cadres got higher pay scales and recognition through continuous struggles for the last three decades, since 1984. The JTO cadre is having the history of struggles and the Association also got transformed after each struggle from erstwhile JETA(I) to JTOA(I) to TEOA(I) to SNEA.

During DoT era, cadre based Associations was the concept.  During 1980s, the pay scales of JE (Jr Engineer and now JTO), was less than that of JAOs and even selection grade PIs. Through continuous struggles for three years from 1984 to 1987, JEs redesignated as JTOs and the pay scale revised from 425-15-700 to 550 - --- (revised scale of 1400-40-2700 to 1640-60-2900). The agitation was so terrific, Union Cabinet forced to decide the pay scales of JTO Cadre in DoT. The Assn also renamed from JETA(I) to JTOA(I).

During V Central Pay commission (CPC), through continuous struggle and interaction with CPC, JTOA(I) (SNEA) achieved further recognition by one more upward revision of pay scales from 5500-150-9000(pre-revised 1640-60-2900) to Rs.6500-200-10500 (pre-revised 2000- --) w.e.from 1st January 1996. As a natural process, upgradation of pay scales of SDE took place from 6500-200-10500 to 7500-250-12000 due to upward revision of pay scale of JTO. Assn also renamed from JTOA(I) to TEOA(I), eligible to enroll all JTOs and officers promoted from JTO cadre.

After formation of BSNL, the Group B Gazetted status given us recognition in the way of absorption as an Executive in BSNL. All other similar cadres absorbed in BSNL as Non Executives. During absorption process, TEOA(SNEA) was the only Assn demanded terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL/MTNL like a) pay scales, b) Promotion policy and c) Fitment formula for an informed choice. We would like to mention here that all other Sister Organizations gave their consent to BSNL Management that they are ready to get absorbed in BSNL with an Adhoc payment of Rs.2000/-. TEOA(SNEA) fought the matter organizationally and legally in Court of Law and compelled BSNL Management to declare Terms and Conditions before Absorption. Management offered E1, E2, --- E6 Pay scales to JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM and SG DGM equivalent grades. TEOA(SNEA) demanded E2 scale for JTO, E3 for SDE, ----E7 scale for SG DGM. TEOA(SNEA) single handedly fought again organizationally in 2002-03 by Nationwide struggle. BSNL management finally agreed for E1A, E2A, --- E6 for JTO, SDE, --- equivalent grades in 2003. Even though management was decided to extend only E1 pay scales for the BSNL recruits, our agitation forced them to extend E1A scales for all, absorbees as well as new BSNL recruits. Here we would like to mention that Pay scale of JTO / SDE is concern of SNEA (Erstwhile known as TEOA, JTOA, and JETA) since decades and by lot of struggle we have achieved results also.

2nd PRC given us another opportunity to demand for E2, E3 --- pay scales which was our original demand since formation of BSNL. A joint committee was formed in 2012 after the joint agitation of United Forum but it was practically defunct.  E1A and E2A are the only two pay scales where the presidential orders are not issued by DoT. All other pay scales, E3 to E9, presidential orders are issued by DoT in 2009 and implemented in BSNL. More importantly these are the entry level pay scales of the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO. Terms of reference of the Joint Committee was limited to replacement of E1A and E2A scales by E2 and E3. SNEA is sincerely trying for E2, E3 keeping the larger interest of the cadre as well as the interest of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007. Mgt was decided to demote the cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by reducing the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2. The demand of E2 scale from 01.10.2000, cascading effect etc from some sections was suiting the mgt which want to crush our legitimate demand of E2, E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A. When others were not serious on the issue, SNEA alone started organizational actions since February, 2014. During the agitations mgt again referred E1A and E2A scales to DoT and DPE for approval. By our timely intervention, DPE and DoT rejected the proposal in July, 2014. Only SNEA was pursuing this matter with DoT and DPE on a day to day basis to get the proposal rejected. If E1A and E2A scales were approved by DoT/DPE, then there is no scope for E2, E3 pay scales! Again SNEA launched agitation in Sept, 2014 and April-May, 2015 which resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee with a dynamic absorbed officer as its new Chairman. Further CMD directed the Jt Committee to meet regularly atleast once in a fortnight and submit the recommendations in 3 months time. Our vigil and continuous efforts in the Jt Committee resulted in a very positive and sweeping recommendation from the Jt Committee, which recommended replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007. Unfortunately, after signing the committee recommendation by all the three Assns, there was change in view in some sections. In the name of cascading effect etc they tried their level best, in connivance with the mgt, to derail the issue. We told one and all including Management that E2 to E7 is the demand of SNEA since absorption but E2 and E3 proposal should be separate from E4 to E7 as we are in immediate need of finalization of E2, E3 pay scales before 3rd PRC. Simultaneously the assured five TB promotions between 4 to 6 years, which we achieved in 2002 through sustained struggle, should not be disturbed. Knowing very well that DoT will not agree for a mini wage revision in the name of cascading effect just ahead of 3rd PRC, some sections compelled BSNL mgt to send a mini wage revision proposal to DoT. As assured to the Assn in the meeting with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016, the MC approved the pay scale proposal in two parts 1) E1A to E2, E2A to E3 and 2) E3 to E4, --, E6 to E7 and the proposals sent to DoT directly. The second part will be an uphill task as these scales are already approved by DoT in 2009 and the proposal is like another wage revision as all the scales are getting upgraded. It may take more time as it may have to go to Union Cabinet due to MTNL issue, which is not an easy task. Knowing all these facts, our friends tried for a single proposal from E2, E3 to E7.

As we afraid, DoT rejected the combined proposal of E2, ---- E7 citing huge financial implications. DoT didn’t examine the first part of the proposal from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 in isolation. DoT even suggested to refer the matter to 3rd PRC where as the issue has to be dealt by BSNL and DPE. We will oppose this tooth and nail. Now all the Associations understood what is feasible and realistic and joined together demanding immediate approval of E2, E3 scales without disturbing the five TB promotions already we are having. If the promotions are disturbed, Jt Committee recommendation and implementation of CPSU Hierarchy also will be jeopardised. All are joined together with this single agenda. Strong organizational actions will be starting soon. We are committed to ensure that our basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO are not demoted. We are committed to see that our young comrades recruited after 01.01.2007 who are the committed soldiers of SNEA are getting E2, E3 scales with 5 promotions which the seniors are getting now.

The demand of E2, E3 is alive today, only due to the struggle of SNEA since 2014. It will be a natural process to get Sr SDE/Sr AO scale shifting from E3 to E4, then E4 to E5 --- E6 to E7, atleast during 3rd PRC implementation. If E2, E3 not settled now, before 3rd PRC, there is no scope for E2, E3, -- E7 as it will automatically end up in E1+5 increments, E2, E3, --- E6 forever, which management is trying to implement. Before 3rd PRC, atleast E2, E3 should be settled. At any cost, we should not allow demotion to happen. Once E2, E3 pay scales are approved, the demand of pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007 and 2008 batch can be strongly pursued.

Comrades, our immediate aim is to get the approval of E2, E3 pay scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A. E1A and E2A are the two pay scales, presidential orders are not issued so far. So, it is part of 2nd PRC and should settle before 3rd PRC. Whatever glory our predecessors earned for these cadres through various struggles, we should not allow that to fade. Now all the Assns joined together with this minimum demand. We will keep the five TB promotions intact, so that it will automatically lead to E2, E3, -- E7 in the coming days.


 <<< click here for List of Representative to receive electoral role  >>>

United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  served notice for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of a) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres, b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and c) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.


1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:

“Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.

Full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA Headquarters on 06th & 07th September, 2016.

 “Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.


Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan :-

Circle Secretary along with ACS Mr. S.R. Sharma met CGMT to discuss following points :

1. Request of Mr. R.K. Jain TDM, Jhalawar to post him at Kota :- Circle Secretary raised this issue that Mr. R.K. Jain was looking after on the post of DGM (Admn), Kota since last two year. At the time of adhoc promotion in the cadre of JAG, despite less than one year was left in superannuation retirement  of Mr. R.K.Jain was posted as TDM Jhalawar, leaving other officers at kota those time was more than three years to retire. Now opportunity has arise due to vacant post at Kota to consider the request of Mr. R.K. Jain to post him at Kota though Mr. R.K. Jain is going to retire on superannuation on 31st March 2017. CGMT assure to look in to this matter personally how this irregularly has been done at the time of posting on promotion as adhoc JAG.

der acute depression. she is not ready to leave Bikaner at any cost, in this situation it is not possible for Mr. Meghwal to serve at Sriganganagar. So it is requested that he should be transferred to Bikaner, so he can take care of his family while serving to BSNL. CGMT assured to consider2. Request of Mr. Gopal Meghwal, JTO Sriganganagar for posting at Bikaner :- Circle Secretary raised that Mr. Meghwal has been transferred to Sriganganagar before three and half year and he is working at Sriganganagar. Only son of Mr. Meghwal has committed suicide before one and half year, his wife is un his request earliest and provide relief to his family.

3. Retaninstion of Mrs. Chetnya Sharma JTO at Jaipur till March 2017 :- Mrs. Chetnya Sharma is under transfer to Ajmer since last five years. Her transfer orders were kept held in abeyance several times. Presently she has been relieved on 06.04.2016 from PGMTD to join at Ajmer. Circle Secretary took up her case with CGMT Rajasthan for retain her at Jaipur till march 2017. This case was discussed with CGMT several times. CGMT was fully convinced but due to some other similar cases those have no gravity for retention as per CGMT view, CGMT was unable to consider this singal case. Circle Secretary convened to CGMT to retain her order at least till 31st December 2016, if retention till 31st March 2017 is not possible. CGMT agreed to retain her till 31st December 2016.  


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


Meeting with CGM NTP New Delhi.

Circle Secretary along with Mr. A.A. Khan CHQ President and Mr. A.P. Dahiya, Joint Secretary Central met CGM NTP to discus the following issues.

Unjustified transfer orders :- Circle Secy raised the issue of unjustified transfer orders issued in the cader of SDE by his office, without following guidelines of executives transfer policy and contrary to guidelines issued by S R Cell of Corporate Office for non transferring of executives till completion of First Membership verification. CGM NTP told that he will go through the cases raised by association and it will be seen that how this irregularly has been done by our Administration cell. CS emphasized for cancellation of unjustified transfer order immeditaly.

Providing immunity from transfer to our District Secretary Alwar :- Circle Secretary raised the issue of unjustified transfer of our district Secretary Alwar branch Mr. R.S.Yadav. CGM assured that he will personally look into the matter and need full will be done earliest.

Intra Circle transfer for looking after arrangement in the cadre of DE :- Circle Secretary asked CGM NTP  to follow the guidelines of corporate office for issued looking after arrangement, as per guidelines if posts are available than executive will be given the chance for looking after the charge of higher post as same station. But contrary to this your good office has transferred Mr. Madan Lal SDE (TP), Sikar to Agra and Mr. Inder Veer SDE (TP), Haldwani to Jodhpur (Rajasthan) for looking after for the post of DE (TP) Agra and DE (TP) Jodhpur respectively. By this intra circle transfer orders both the officers will be compelled to for go the promotions and DEs are already working at Jodhpur and Agra will have to bear overloading of the work due to double charges has to be looking after by them. So this defective order for looking after arrangement should be modified and Mr. Madan Lal has to be given the chance for looking after the post of DE (TP), Jodhpur and Mr. Inder Veer as DE (TP), Agra. So that both officer can join and work for company, CGM  assured for looking in to this matter.

CS writes to CGM NTP New Delhi:  <<< click here for letter  >>>

CS writes to CGM NTP New Delhi:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


District Conference of Kota Branch.

District conference of SNEA Kota branch was held on 24/07/2016 at Hotel YKS, CAD Chouraha Dadabari, Kota. District conference and  close session was held  before open session, in the close session, all the HR issues and organization matters discussed elaborately. Circle Secretary discussed in detail  about formation of  Khan Committee   and current status of implementation of report of Khan Committee, current status of holding of various DPCS, strategies has to be adopted for 1st membership verification on 16th November 2016  among executives associations. Implementation SWAS program and majors to be taken for turn around the BSNL by ensuring uninterrupted and better services to customer to increase the revenue of the company. Majors to be taken to get implemented the  report of 3rd PRC in BSNL.

After close session a well organized an open session was also held. Sh. J.C. Menaria Sr. GMTD, Kota was chief guest of the open session Sh. Govind Singal Addl. GM and Sh. Subhash Agarwal DGM Kota City, Sh. K.L.Nagar DS AIGTEOA, DS BSNLEU Mr. Chander Dev, DS NFTE Mohan Gautam, Sh. V.S. Khicher Circle Prsident and   Circle Secretary attended and addressed the open session. All the speakers has emphasized    to ensure the better services to the customer  with smile and be positive and always think positive to get better output from existing resources.

 unanimous elections of office bearers for next term were conducted as under.

Sh. S.K. Ojha - District President

Sh. Dinesh Kumar -  District Secretary

Sh. P.K.Singhal - District Treasurer 


Meeting with Chie General Manager Rajasthan Circle.

 Circle Secretary along with ACS Mr. S.R.Sharma  met CGMT Rajashtan for discuss the issues as per letter written to CGMT Rajasthan.

1. Change of posting station of Mr. K.C.Sharma, JTO Udaipur.

CS requested   for change of posting station of Mr. K.C.Sharma, Banswara TD instead of Kota TD on his transfer from Udaipur on longest stay basis. Mr. K.C.Sharma is having family problems due to his old age parents living with him at udaipur and his wife is serving as State Govt. teacher at Udaipur. CGMT assured for sympathetically consideration for change of posting station from Kota to Banswar. 

2. Relieving of executive whos own cost request has been considered by Circle Administration.

CS  asked for personal intervention by CGMT for get relived all the executives who are on request transfer till 31st July 2016 positively. Otherwise as per guide lines of Corporate office they can not be relieved up to November 2016 till completion of election process for membership verification among executive associations. CGMT instructed PGM (HR) Circle Office that it should be ensured that all the executive should  be relieved up to 23rd July 2016 positively.

3. Posting of AGM Level officer at Jhalawar Telecom District.   

Association have apprised regarding problems are being faced by TDM Jhalawar due to non posting of AGM at Jhalawar SSA day to day discharging of office work. CGMT appreciated our view and instructed PGM (HR) for earliest posting of AGM at Jhalawar SSA.

4. Empanelment of hospital at Sri Ganganagar SSA.

CS reminded the earlier discussion held with CGMT Rajasthan before two months regarding empanelment of hospital at Sri Ganganagar and telephonically instructions passed by CGMT to  GM Sri Ganganagar SSA. CGMT told that why this case is dragging despite of vigorous persuasions by  association at every stage. CGMT instructed  PGM (HR)  Circle Office for writing a  letter to GM Sri Ganganagar for earliest sending of the case for empanelment of Hospital at Sri Ganganagar SSA.

5. Request transfer case of Mr. Jeele Singh, JTO from Sikar to Jaipur on ground of disabled child.

Circle Secretary requested for providing immunity from transfer to Mr. Jeele Singh, JTO on the ground of disabled child by the considering the request of Mr. Jeele Singh, JTO for transfer from Sikar to Jaipur.  CGMT told that immunity from transfer is not applicable in this case because Mr. Jeele Singh is  already working at Sikar since last two year so administration will try to consider is request sympathetically to provide relief to his family.

6. Retention of Mrs. Chetanya Sharma at Jaipur till 31st March 2017.

CS requested for retention of Mrs. Chetanya Sharma at Jaipur till 31st March 2017 on medical ground as per resent x-ray Lumbo sacral spine AP/:AT view report is attached with letter, report show wedging of elapse of L1 vertebra and reduce joint space between L5-S1 vertebra. Doctor advised for avoiding sternness activities of vehicle, using stairs, continuous sitting, traveling etc. otherwise she can met to paralysis. in this situation she alone cannot service out of Jaipur. CGMT agreed with arguments made by Circle Secretary but being a composite case of lady candidates those are under transfer from Jaipur this case is to be seen in totality.     


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan:  <<< click here for letter  >>>


Looking after arrangement from JTO to SDE cader for 187 JTOs has been issued by circle administration due to continuous persuasion by our association vide STA/8-5/GB/LA/2013-14/99 dated 18-07-2016.



Meeting of CHQ office bearers and circle secretaries was held at New Delhi on 9th July 2016. All the Circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearers attended the meeting except Circle Secretaries of Andman Nikobar and NE-1 and NE-2. Before lunch session General Secretary elaborately apprised the house regarding issues taken up by this association and resolved them up to expectation of our executives. i.e.

Right from upgradation of Pay scales from Rs 1400 to Rs 1640/-in 1986, Lateral Advancement in 1990, historical Promotions of 8000 JTOs to SDEs in 1993-94, Upgradation of Pay scales from Rs 5500 to Rs 6500 to JTOs with Gr ‘B’ Gazetted status  &  automatic upgradation of Rs 6500 to Rs 7500 to SDEs during Vth CPC, abolition of qualifying exam for JTO to SDE Promotion, not accepting the absorption into BSNL without terms and conditions like the Pay Scales, promotion policies, fitment etc and Assn stopped the illegal process through court cases and finally by historic PCAT judgment,  our Association could achieve E1A, E2, -- E6 scales, 5 TBP after 4-6 years and point to point fixation after continuous organizational protest in 2002-03, enhancement of EPF on actual basic + IDA instead of Ceiling of 12% on Rs 6500 ( Equivalent to fixed amount of Rs 780/-), implementation of TBPs in 2007 w.e.f 01.10.2000, Protesting against the unbundling of copper cables and disinvestment, exposing the 2G Scam, illegal 3G roaming by Pvt operators, reduction of ADC & USO fund to BSNL, 50% IDA Merger struggle in 2006, issues related to TTAs selected as JTOs (Dept outsider), opposing the demotion of JTO and SDE equivalent cadres to E1 and E2, removal of decade old bottleneck problem of Adhocism and paving way for regularization of STS, increase of STS regular from 50% to 75% for the telecom and rigorously pursuing for other wings, filling all DE posts on regular basis in 2014, Promotions to Adhoc DGM, agitation against the cancellation of 45.5 Million GSM tender, surrender of obsolete BWA spectrum, refund of excess amount recovered by Income Tax Dept from BSNL, fighting vigorously in various courts for the SCF and LDCE Promotion from JTOs, Abolition of accounts exam/ counting of residency period/1st and 2nd ACP for Civil/ Electrical etc wings, modification of JTO to SDE Competitive exam to OMR, 30% Superannuation benefits to the BSNL recruited employees, re-constitution of Joint Committee in 2015,  revival of demand of E2-E7 Pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, membership verification, Notional Fixation of E1A/E2A for Civil/Electrical/Arch/PA/PSs etc w.e.f. 01.10.2000, Uniform 1st TBP after 4-5 years instead of 4-6 years, Restoration of fixation on officiating Promotions, FR 22(1)(a)1 for the offtg JTOs, Constitution of 3rd PRC, 78.2% to pensioners on par with serving employees, relief from botheration on pension(60:40) etc.

After the GS address, a brainstorming session was conducted on membership verification for executives and all the CSs and CHQ OBs participated actively. CHQ President and Chairman gave a motivating address on various issues. Many of the Circles have conducted their CEC meetings and remaining will be completed during this month. The CHQ Office bearers will be attending the CEC meetings. After the CEC meetings, the CSs will tour the SSAs by organizing SSA meetings and followed by Branch meetings. The CHQ Office Bearers along with the concerned CS and office bearers will be attending all Major SSA and branch meetings.

The response of the CSs is overwhelming and resolved that SNEA will come up with thumping majority in the membership verification and will ensure that all the issues of the Executives will be reaching to their logical conclusion. CHQ congratulated all the CSs for their active participation and revolutionary ideas in strengthening the SNEA.


First Circle Executive committee of Rajasthan Circle was held on 02.07.2016 at Jaipur. All the CEC members' participated in the meeting except district secretary Bundi. CHQ President Mr. A.A. Khan, G.S. Mr. K. Sebastin and Mr. Shankar Sharma CHQ vice president attended and addressed the house. before lunch session report of circle secretary has been put-up for discursion and adoption, after that report of district secretaries and Area secretaries have been put-up for discursion and it's adoption.

The main agenda of this CEC was first membership verification among executive associations'. The membership verification among executive associations' was alobretally discussed on reports submitted by SSA secretaries for the concern SSA and it was unanimously decided the at SSA level executive committee meeting will be conducted and special teams will be forward to mobilize the executives for this membership verification up to 31st July 2016. And it was also decided that districts where branches are not in function should be also make functioning within a month. There should not be any SSA without formation of SNEA district branch till 15th of August 2016.

Circle secretary highlighted the achievements of the Rajasthan Circle in last one year time due to continuously persuasion by our association the position of availability of various stores for development and maintenance of telecom network have been improved drastically due to  procurement the stores  and made available to the field units by circle administration. At present there is no any shortage of any material at Rajasthan Circle. All the HR issue which were due have been got settled by continuous persuasion with circle administration.  

In their address, GS and CHQ President explained the activities at CHQ level on BSNL growth related issues, successful implementation of SWAS programme, need for generating maximum revenue and coming out of losses in this financial year 2016-17 in view of 3rd PRC, HR issues like 3rd PRC, replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 scales, promotions, CPSU Hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefit, E1A/E@A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc notionally from 01.10.2000, officiating pay fixation etc.

Multiplicity of Assns and the vested interests playing havoc with the future of the Executives. None of the important HR issues are getting resolved. Our committed members and the Executives are the victims of this. Few with vested interests and selfish agenda are taking the entire cadre into ransom. Overall cadre interest is totally neglected/missing on various issues, rather petty interests and selfish motives taking leading positions. Recently we are witnessing that instead of making serious efforts to get the Khan Committee recommendations which will benefit the entire cadre by upgrading the pay scales from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 for the entry /basic cadres, will give better pay for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, will give functional promotions instead of financial upgradations to thousands and thousands of Executives after every five years who are waiting for promotions for years together, the anomaly in 1st TBP for thousands of Executives are getting resolved, the Assns made the recommendations in October, 2015 are not allowing the management to implement the same recommendations now. More challenging job will be the 3rd PRC. We struggled under NCOA and got the 3rd PRC constituted. More vigourous struggles are required in the future for the delinking of pay revision from profitability by amending the terms of reference and making pension revision also part of the terms of reference. Simultaneously we have to work for making the company profitable and ofcourse out of the red zone in this year itself. A strong Executive Association with thumbing majority is the need of the hour. To end this deadlock situation, membership verification is the only solution. We should start strenuously working on coming out with flying colours and with thumbs up majority from the ensuing membership verification. It will surely be a litmus test for our organizational capacity and our commitment and determination to face successfully challenges howsoever formidable they are. That is our history and we have to repeat history with impeccable precision. Our unity, commitment and organizational alertness and preparedness on these issues will drive us to the destination.

For the convenience of the Executives, maximum polling booths are to be allotted ensuring atleast one polling booth per division.

SNEA is in the forefront of all struggles to protect the interest of BSNL and its revival. Unbundling of copper cable, ADC, disinvestment, 45.5 M GSM tender cancellation, BWA spectrum refund, ITS absorption issue, 3G roaming, tenders and procurement, expansion of network, MTNL and BSNL merger, Tower subsidiary, pension contribution, 78.2% IDA, filling the posts of CMD and Directors, pension revision etc etc are some of the major contributions.

Similarly SNEA, through continuous struggle during last three decades, uplifted the cadres especially the basic cadre of JTO and to protect the interest of Executives as a whole. The pay scales got revised threes time in 1986, in 1996 and in 2002 at the time of absorption, all through struggles. In 2002, when all other Assns agreed for absorption in BSNL without specifying the terms and condition for absorption, just for an adhoc payment of Rs 2000/, SNEA  alone struggled against that. That struggle resulted in the finalizations  of terms and condition for absorption, ie. a) pay scales of E1A, E2A, E3, E4, E5, E6, b) five TB promotions between 4-6 years upto SG JAG (in DoT only one TBP available after 12 years) and c) Point to point fixation in the new pay scales. From 2003 to 2005, SNEA struggled for making the EPF contribution @12% of the emoluments, without the ceiling on Rs 6500/-. BSNL was making EPF contribution of a fixed amount of Rs 780/- ever month till 2005 (@12% of Rs 6500/-, the upper ceiling). Finally BSNL agreed and orders issued in August, 2005, with retrospective effect from 01.10.2000. Another breakthrough was the EPP order in 2007, BSNL MS RR in 2009, partially implementing the agreement reached in 2002 during agitation. Present struggle and focus is on the implementation of E2, E3 scales for the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc and CPSU cadre hierarchy as assured to us in 2002. On both issues we are struggling since 2002.

The most important task ahead for SNEA is the constitution of 3rd PRC and its implementation. SNEA started the struggle in the platform of NCOA and launched series of agitation programmes since November, 2015 demanding 3rd PRC constitution. Finally 3rd PRC constituted on 09.06.2016. It is our responsibility to ensure that 3rd PRC is fully implemented in BSNL. For this we have to struggle to delink the profitability from PRC implementation. Simultaneously we have to ensure that pension revision also becoming part of 3rd PRC. These are the major challenges before us.

The biggest challenge before us is to get the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 in replacement of E1A and E2A, for the entry level cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO implemented immediately as 3rd PRC is constituted. Otherwise the pay revision for the entire BSNL Executives will be jeopardised, simply due to this one reason alone. Keeping the future of JTO/JAOs recruited after 2007 and the 3rd PRC in mind, SNEA for the last few years, struggling to get the standard pay scales of E2, E3 implemented in BSNL replacing E1A and E2A. The initial proposal of E1A and E2A got rejected by DoT and DPE due to the efforts of SNEA in July, 2014. We met the officers in DoT and DPE including the Secretary/DPE in this regard. The agitation in April/May, 2015 by SNEA, resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee. SNEA was behind all these developments and finally Jt Committee come out with sweeping recommendations which will change the pay scales and promotional avenues of the Executives in BSNL.

It is the sole responsibility of SNEA to get the Khan committee recommendations implemented in true spirit, without dilution, which are in the larger interest of the cadre. Lot of negative forces are working to undermine the Khan Committee recommendations. Strategically we delinked E2, E3 from E4, --- E7 upgradation as E4, --- E7 upgradation is equivalent to another mini wage revision and DoT may take longer time to decided on that. Due to Union Cabinet decision on MTNL pay scales, it may have to go to the cabinet itself. Others deliberately taken up this issue to derail E2, E3 and to deny the benefits to 2007 and 2008 JTOs and JTO/JAOs recruited after that. SNEA demanding E2, E3 scales with five existing promotions, each promotion after every 5 years, some are struggling to see that the promotions are reduced from five to four by abolishing SDE or Sr SDE grades. They want to create confusion in the mgt, make anomalies and recoveries and anarchy in the company. The ultimate aim is to dump Khan Committee recommendations (inspite of being part of that) as it is formed due to singular efforts of SNEA. If SDE or Sr SDE grade is abolished, the Khan committee recommendations becomes redundant and CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP after 4-5 years will not be implemented by the management. When they questioned Khan Committee recommendations, even mgt started talking about another Committee. New Committee means another 3 to 4 years!

Sensing the danger of dumping the Khan Committee recommendations by the management, SNEA compelled to start the agitation. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Mgt started serious discussions with the Assn on various issues on 11.05.16 followed by 17.05.16. After thorough discussions with CMD, DIR(HR) and whole HR team, some concrete decisions are taken to settle all the important HR issues in a time bound manner. Our one day Dharna protected the Khan Committee recommendations. Otherwise, the selfish motives and petty interests would have buried the recommendations by this time and mgt also would have happily gone ahead with E1+5 increments, E2, E3, -- E6 scales, no CPSU Hierarchy, no 1st TBP etc etc. Populism and playing to the gallery has never worked in trade union struggles. Holding on to hard ground realities has always yielded tangible and everlasting results. It is election time, we have to be very careful about such populistic demands from various sections and should not fall into their trap. It has seen in regularisation of Offtg JTOs(from 2000), implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment(with arrears), 30% superannuation benefit (nothing less than 12%), E2/E3 from 01.10.2000 etc etc.

In view of the 3rd PRC and for the benefit of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, it is  agreed to move proposals in two parts on pay scales, one as per the Khan Committee recommendations on standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A with necessary changes in EPP protecting five TBP, after every five years as recommended by the Committee. The second proposal will cover the cascading factor, upgradation of scales upto E7. The proposal is approved by the MC on 01.06.2016 and send to DoT on 06.06.2016 itself for administrative approval. Getting DoT approval will be a tough job, we have to struggle a lot for that. The demand for 22820/ for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 are to be pursued after the implementation of E2, E3, --- pay scales with the BSNL mgt.

CPSU Hierarchy process is fast tracked. Our single agenda is to get Khan Committee recommendations implemented without any dilution. If that is ensured, a fresh JTO after 5 years of service will become SDE(now 15 to 20 years), an SDE after 5 years of service will become Sr SDE (total 10 years) and Sr SDE after 5 years will become AGM (total 15 years, now 30 to 35 years). While implementation, mgt assured that our demand 1) as a onetime measure, promotion to SDE, Sr SDE and DE grades without DPC for the Executives in higher scales with sufficient service, 2) address all seniority related issues like LDCE seniority, promotion quota seniority, Direct/Dept rect, Qualifying/non-qualifying etc, 3) change of designations to Asst Manager, Dy Manager, Manager, Asst General Manager, 4) decentralization of DPCs to Circles, 5) uniform date of promotion to end anomalies etc will be considered positively.

1st TBP after 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 w.e.f 01.10.2000 is the demand of SNEA alone and it become a new item in the reconstituted Jt Committee. It was a major anomaly for the 1993, 1994, 1995 -- etc batches who got first TBP in 6 years whereas their seniors as well as juniors got it in 4 to 5 years. The recommendation will be processed immediately after CPSU, mgt assured. The EPP will be amended for that purpose, giving 1st TBP in 2005 instead of 2006.

Officiating pay fixation, protection of pay -- withdrawal of wrong clarifications by BSNL: Thousands of JTOs, JAOs, SDEs, AOs officiated in higher post during DoT and BSNL period prior to the clarification are facing reduction in pay by one or two increments and recovery of lakhs of rupees due to EPP clarification dated 19.02.2010 and 30.05.2007. After lot of deliberations, now mgt assured that necessary steps will be taken to correct both the clarifications. The process is already on as assured to us. This is one of the major achievements due to the agitation.

30% superannuation benefits. At our Jaipur AIC, CMD assured 6% contribution to begin with. Earlier in 2014, the CMD assured 4%. But there was no conscience as some are insisting for 12%. Mgt later on made a proposal of 3% in a meeting held on 19.02.16 in which SNEA was not present. Since much opposition was not there from the participants like the demand of full 12% in the meeting, mgt gone ahead with the proposal. The proposal of 3% is now approved by BSNL Board. On our strong protest mgt decided to review the contribution, CMD and DIR(HR) assured us. 4% and 6% proposals not agreed demanding full 12% but finally compromised for 3% in our absence without any protest!.

Promotions in various cadres: All the promotions JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, SDE to EE are stayed by various courts. To expedite the JTO to SDE case at Ernakulum, as per our request, BSNL engaged senior lawyer from Hon Supreme Court. We are trying for early hearing of the case. The stay on declaration of LDCE result was vacated by the CAT, Chandigargh and after Assn intervention, the results declared. However stay continuing on promotion. Seniority cum fitness and LDCE promotions are progressing parallel for the vacancies upto 2013-14. The LDCE also notified upto 2013-14, exams will be held yearwise as per the notified schedule. LDCE case along with the case on SDE to DE promotion is listed for 08.07.2016. SDE to DE promotions also, APARs kept ready. JAO to AO promotion and CAO promotion is listed for 12.07.2016. Assn pursuing all the cases in different courts. At all level, Assn is for the SDE RR provisions where vacancy yearwise promotions are envisaged. Unfortunately Hon SC didn’t accepted this fact eventhough BSNL filed the SLPs along with affected parties. We will maintain our stand that date of joining cannot be the criteria to decide the seniority in any cadre, JTO, JAO, SDE, DE  etc. The seniority of the remaining SDEs from list 9 onwards will be finalised as per the latest DoPT OM dated 04.03.2014 in which seniority will be assigned as per vacancy year, according to the quota, reiterating the earlier position(DoPT withdrawn the clarification on date of joining). Due to the multiplicity of the litigation, the only viable alternative is CPSU Hierarchy.

Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS cadres w.e.f 01.10.2000: Our Kanyakumari AIC decided to work for uniform promotion policy and uniform pay scales for all the Executives, irrespective of wings. On TB promotions, we could achieve it through EPP. On functional promotion, it will be achieved through CPSU hierarchy. On pay scales, still we are struggling. But we could make a breakthrough on 17.05.2016 when SNEA got an assurance from CMD that this anomaly will be resolved. This is another achievement of our recent agitation.

The meeting decided to work unitedly to




First circle executive committee meeting:

Our first CEC is going to be held at  conference hall, PGMTD campus, Jaipur  at 10 AM on 2nd July 2016. Our all India president Mr. A.A. Khan, General secretary Mr. K. Sebastin will also attend the meeting. Ist membership verification among executive associations will be the main agenda of this CEC. So all the CEC member are requested to attend with full preparation and make it a grand success.

Report of Distt. Secretaries should contain following points:

1.   Total number of executives working in SSA.

2.  Detail of  Membership  of Executive Associations.

3.  Direct Recruited JTOs enrolled as member of SNEA.

4.  Jtos promoted from TTA  enrolled as member of SNEA.

5.  Accounts personels enrolled as member of SNEA.

6.  CHQ Quota paid up to -------------------------------.

7.  Circle Quota paid up to ------------------------------.

District conference of Tonk Branch:

District conference of Tonk branch was held on 25th June 2016 at Inspection quarter, Telephone Exchange compound Tonk. Out of 17 total executive working at Tonk SSA. 14 executive has been enrolled our member. All the executives including TDM, Tonk, circle president Sh. V.S.Khichar and circle secretary attended and address the meeting. Circle secretary elaborately discussed the issue related the financial viability of the company and its positive trend towards revival of BSNL. Status of material procurement and quality of service in Rajasthan circle and revenue growth with respect of last financial year. Status of holding of DPCs in all cadres for functional promotion and time bound up gradation. Circle secretary urged that every executive has to work with his full capability, sincerity and devotion to bring out the company from crisis by implement SWAS program successfully.

Unanimous election of new body has been conducted for next term:

Mr. Sumran Singh CAO, Mr. Rajendra Meena JTO and Mr. R.P.Gupta, SDE were elected District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer respectively.

CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan: <<< click here for letter  >>>

Notice for 1st CEC at Jatipur on 2nd July 2016 <<< click here for Notice  >>>

Date 28.05.2016

Meeting with Chief General Manager Rajasthan

Circle President Mr. V.S. Kichar and C.S. met CGMT Rajasthan to discuss the points as per letter Dated 23-05-2016

We have discussed our proposals for change of posting stations on transfer as per request of executives. CGMT told that posting on transfers has been done as per load factor of the concern SSA and Geographical area of the SSA. so any change in order will further create imbalance  in the man power of SSA that will effect the maintenance of  unpopular  SSAs like Barmer, Jhalawar, Jaisalmer, SGR and Sirohi, so association should not insist and compel the administration for this change of posting station on transfer.

We have requested for consideration of request transfer of Mr. B.L. Gurawaria SDE, from Sirohi to Jaipur on completion of two year stay at sirohi, though officer has given his undertaking that he will not ask any break in stay for enter circle transfer due to working at soft tenure station. CGMT agreed that he will look in to the case and do needful as early as possible.

We have requested for consideration of request transfer of Mr. Jile Singh JTO, from Sikar to Jaipur as immunity on the ground of disable child, CGMT agreed to look in to the matter sympathetically and consider the request as early as possible.

We have requested that refusal for accepting promotion by the officer on promotion should be counted from the date of issuing of promotion order not from the date of acceptance of  refusal by competent authority, CGMT told that rule does not permit in this matter. He can arrange to accept the refusal from the date of receipt of refusal at circle office from SSA. It is hardly  a gap of one week in submission of refusal by officer to SSA and receiving the same at circle office. where is the delay of three to four months.

We have also requested for reduction of debarring period for consideration for promotion of refusal from on year to six months only, though the looking after arrangement being made for six months only. CGMT told that as per demand of both the associations we have already seek the  clarification from corporate office but circle administration have not received any reply from corporate office in this matter till date. This is a policy matter so decision can not be taken at circle level.

We have also discussed regarding procurement of testing equipments i.e. OTDR and Power meters for maintenance of transmission network of the circle, CGMT told that procurement is under process but manufacturing companies and suppliers are not responding for supplying of Power meters.

We have discussed the shortage of staff in NTR Circle at various stations in Rajasthan. CGMT told that if association provide the feed back for willing persons then circle administration is ready to post them in NTR Circle at suggested stations.


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan: <<< click here for letter  >>>


make all out preparations for the success of the Mass Dharna on 11.05.2016 at BSNLCO, Circle /SSA HQs.

 Early resolution of the issues fully depends upon the success of the TU programmes. All important issues like

 promotions, pay scales, CPSU Hierarchy and 1st TBP, pay protection, memebership verification, notion pay etc

 etc are pending for years together.  SSA Secreatries and CHQ/Circle office bearers to tour the SSAs

 and conduct meetings at all important locations. Door to door campaign may be conducted in the coming days to

 ensure that all the Executives are participating in the Dharna.


Charter of demands:


1. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on:

a)    Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A,

b)    Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy,

c)    Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f  


2. 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees.

3. Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

4. Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

5. Membership verification among Executives Associations by addressing the issues raised. Restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted.

6. First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grades as done in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

7. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.


Programme of Trade Union actions:


Massive Dharna at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 11th May, 2016


Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO, Circle/SSA HQs: 18th, 19th and 20th May, 2016.


If the issues are not resolved, more vigorous trade union actions will be resorted to from June, 2016.

01.04.2016 Association is succeeded to get request transfers released by circle administration by rigorous persuassion.Request transfers of 25 JTOs,15 SDEs and two DEs have been got considered on the criteria that request of the the officer has registered up to 31 March'2015 and he has completed two years stay at his working station on 31 March'2015 for non-soft tenure station. Executives working at soft tenure station has been registered his request till 31 March'2015 and completing two years stay till 31December'2016 has been considered for request transfer ,but officer will be relieved from soft tenure station after completing his three years stay at working station.   <<< click here fortransfer orders  >>>

Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan  :

Circle Secretary along with CS AIBSNLEA met to chief General Manager Rajasthan Circle to discuss the following agenda:

1.  Registration/Consideration of intra circle request transfer applications of executives

Both the Circle Secretaries protested the letter issued by Circle administration vide STA/1-11/Reg./A/2007/   dated 23.02.2016 for Registered consideration of intra circle request of executives and requested for consideration of the requests as per BSNL’s employee transfer policy circulated by corporate office New Delhi. CGMT told that consideration of request transfer is not any binding on administration. We have argued that if request transfer will not be considered regularly in the due course of time than affected executives will lose the faith in administration and working efficiency of the officer will be affected adversely. Altemately, CGMT convinced with our argument and agreed to consider the requests with in fortnight time.

2.Consideration of Cases of Ladies Executives  Seperately:

We have requested that transfer cases of Ladies executives should be considered with some special consideration being a lady candidate ,but, CGMT told that rule does not allow for any kind of special weightage   as per gender. Association should also not  demand  this privilege being a lady candidate.

3. Empanelment  of Hospital in Shri Ganganagar  :

Circle Secretary raised that issue of non-empanelment of even  a single  Hospital in shri Ganganagar SSA; despite of so many persuasion by association at local level. CGMT instructed GM Shri Ganganagar that cases of at least five to six good Hospital should be sent after obtaining due procedure at the earliest for empanelment of Hospital at Shri Ganganagar.GM Shri Ganganagar assured for early action.

 <<< click here for UF letter  >>>


Memorandom submitted to MOC through Sh.Ramcharan Bohra,MP Jaipur : <<< click here for letter  >>>


General body meeting of Jodhpur branch was held on 28th February'2016 at Hotel Pavitras. Circle Secretary along with CWC Member Mr.A.H.Rahi attended and addressed the general body meeting. On this occasion 18 new executives has joined SNEA. All the newly joined members were welcomed with garlanding by circle secretary.35 members attended the GB out of total 39 members. The meeting was fully interactive, members expressed their views frankly on various issues. CS replied the issues raised by members and eloberately discussed the current issues regarding organizational activities, HR issues and issues related to financial viability of BSNL, possibility of implementation of recommendations of PRC, which is due from 1st January'2017.


CS writes to CGMT Rajasthan: <<< click here for letter  >>>

Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan:

Circle Secretary along with ACS Sh.S.R.Sharma met to CGMT Rajasthan and discussed the following points:

1.Change of posting  station of Mr.R.K.Jain for looking after in the cadre of JAG:

CS requested for change of posting station for looking after as JAG from Jhalawar to Kota due to his superannuation retirement  in March2017.CGMT assured for considering  the case sympathetically.

2. Calling of option for three stations in the case of longest stay transfer:

CS argued for calling of three options in the case of longest stay transfer to provide flexibility to executives. CGMT appreciated this point and instructed AGM(Pers) Mr. V.K.Pareek for the same.

3. Acute Shortage of essential Stores:

CS raised the issue of acute shortage of essential stores for development work specially for EPBT and OF Cables. CGMT told that near about 25000 EPBTs has been diverted  from two circles before one month and the store may be on the way to jaipur. CGMT asked to GM concern Mr. Avanindra Sharma for current status. Mr. Sharma  confirmed that 23000 EPBT have been received from two circles in our store. we have raised the issue of acute shortage of high fiber OF cable. CGMT replied that initially corporate office has allotted only 300Km OFC to Rajasthan Circle, but, due to  rigorous persuasion at the level of CGMT based on the factual requirement with corporate office MM Cell, Rajasthan circle will receive 5600 Km high fiber OFC.CS raised the issue for non-compliance of promises made to provide services to customer in the case of enterprise business due to acute shortage of essential stores. In turn, image of BSNL is tarnishing badly. CGMT informed that recently in case of procurement of stores for EB cases, corporate office delegated full power to CGMT, So we are going to purchase 1000RF links and there should not be any N.F. case with regards to EB cases.

4.Change of posting of Mr. M.S.Shekhawat from Alwar to Jaipur:

CS requested for changing of posting of Mr. Shekhawat from Alwar to Jaipur on the ground that he is out of his home since last six years and he has to fulfill his social liabilities also while serving to BSNL.CGMT replied that this is a composite case linked with other officers  so that it should not be dealt separately.


CWC Meeting was held at kolkata on 8th&9th Feb.2016.Circle Secretary along with CWC members sh.V.S.Dudi and Sh. A.H. Rahi participated in this meeting and delebrated on various  issues of HR and organizational matters i.e. Delay in holding of various DPCs, JTO to SDE,SDE to DE,DE to DGM.First Time bound promotion in four year instead of five to six years,Full pay scale of E-2 and E-3 instead of E-1A &E-2A,30% Superannuation benefits for BSNL Recruitees,CPSU Cadre hierarchy etc.,Restoration of trade union facilities till membership verification,deduction of subscription contribution from salary of executives,immediate endorsement of list of CHQ office bearers,implementation of  joint committee recommendations.

Kolkata CWC unanimously resolved to launch effective programmes of Trade Union actions from April, 2016 onwards if the management is not taking immediate steps to address and resolve the following crucial HR issues by that time.  Programmes of Trade Union actions will be notified shortly:

1.Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on:

a) Standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A,

b) Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy,

c) Uniform TBP between 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

2.Officiating pay fixation, pay protection – withdrawal of wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010.

3.30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees.

4.Promotions in different wings from JTO to SDE, JAO to AO, SDE to DE/EE, AAO to CAO and DE to DGM.

5. Membership verification among Executives Associations by addressing the issues raised and restoration of trade union facilities, deduction of subscription from Salary till membership verification is conducted.

6. Time Bound Promotion after 4 years from Lateral JTO and Sr SDE grade as given in the case of AAO and Sr AO grades.

7. Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect wings w.e.f 01.10.2000.


Meeting with Sr. GM (Finance):

Circle secretary along with Assistant circle secretary  Mr. S.R.Sharma met to Sr. GM(F) and discussed the issue related to finance officer. Sh. S.M.Jangir CAO Sikar and Mr. P.L. Mali, A.O. Churu are under transfer to Shriganganagar from last four- five months. Both officers approached to association for retention/cancellation of orders. Association took up the case with Sr. GM(Fin.) and managed to retain them at same palace. Both officers have been relieved in ERP in last week. Circle secretary met to Sr. GM (Fin.) on 04.02.2016 and discussed the case with Sr. GM(Fin.) and convinced him for retention till 31st March 2016 as per request of both officers the retention order of both officers are under release.


Debarring on refusal for looking after arrangement on higher grade:

Circle secretary along with circle secretary AIBSNLEA met Sr. G.M.(HR) and discussed regarding debarring for one year from the date of accepting of refusal for looking after in the higher grade by CGMT. Both circle secretaries had demanded that this debarring is hypothetically due to misinterpretation of guidelines issued by corporate office, so it should not be continuing and officer should not be debarred on refusal to accepting higher post. Sr. GM (HR) told that as per issue raised by united forum clarification has been sought from corporate office, accordingly this matter will be dealt in future. Matter has been put up to CGM for perusal but CGM also suggested clarification from corporate office. The clarification from corporate office is awaited.

.  <<< click here for letter >>>

Introductory meeting of newly elected Circle Body with CGMT Rajasthan: Introductory meeting of newly elected Circle Body was held with CGMT Rajasthan in the chamber of CGMT. Issues relating to development and HR were elaborately discussed during meeting. Association emphasised on rationalisation of staff and proper motivation by controlling officers to get maximum output and provide the service to customer with smile to achieve the customer satisfaction. Association demanded for posting of  newly recruited TTAs in technical work instead of Data feeding work in offices, so that proper utilization of technical skill can be ensured. By doing so money being spent for maintenance of broadband by vendor can be saved.Association raised the issue of proper procurement of essential materials i.e.O.F.Cable,Splicing kits,Drop wire etc.for maintenance and development work.CGMT appreciated the positive approach of the association and asked for keeping this spirit up,So that administration can take positive steps for betterment of BSNL.Whole the meeting was concluded in a very co-ordial and positive atmosphere,it was lasted with two hours continuous discussion with CGMT Rajasthan.

5th Circle conference of Rajasthan Circle was held at Sikar on 19th and 20th Dec.,15.

From CHQ, CHQ President Mr.A.A.Khan, CHQ vice President Mr. Shankar Sharma, GS Mr. K.Sebastin, Jt Secy(Central) Mr. A.P.Dahia and AGS Com Samadiya,Chairman SNEA Sh.G.L.Jogi attended the conference.

A very colourful and brainstorming open session was held on 19th Dec.The open session was addressed by Com A.A. Khan, Com K. Sebastin, Com Arvind Dahiya and Com G.L.Jogi. The entire focus of the open session was on how to further consolidate the upward growth trajectory that Company has registered in the recent past. In Rajasthan Circle, during last five to six months, since the present CGM, Sh. R.K.Mishra has joined, the circle registered unprecedented growth and drastic improvement in the quality of services. This fact that how much importance of the role of crucial leadership is in giving new direction and life to the Company was highlighted by CHQ President, GS, CS Rajasthan and Chairman of SNEA. Rajasthan Circle which has been reeling under heavy losses, despite being a potential Circle, is virtually today at the top of the Map of BSNL in terms of growth, in both mobile and landline segments. This has been possible because of extraordinary leadership of the present CGM. CGM was also requested to review some of the discrepancies in transfer of SDEs having taken place much earlier to his joining. CS/Rajastha, Com S.S.Rajput, gave a detailed account of the developments on various issues in his key note address. CHQ President, GS and the Chairman highly acknowledged and appreciated the efforts of ED/NB, Major mohd. Ashraf Khan, in expeditiously giving the recommendation on two crucial and long pending issues of standard pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy and further urged upon him to put in his efforts to get the recommendations processed and approved as quickly as possible.

Com V.K.Tomar, GS/MEA and National President/NCOA, in his address, gave a very detailed account of strenuous efforts that NCOA is making to get 3rd PRC with appropriate terms and conditions constituted at the earliest and highlighted very significant and critical role that SNEA(I) is playing in NCOA, particularly at the moment with regard to constitution of 3rd PRC. Com Tomar also apprised the gathering about series of meetings that NCOA leadership have had with Secy/DPE and other senior officers in the DPE in the recent past relating to constitution of 3rd PRC with appropriate terms of reference and assured the delegates that NCOA will not look back till 3rd PRC is consituted.

From the official side the open session was addressed by Major mohd. Ashraf Khan, ED/NB, BSNL CO who was the chief guest of the function, Sh R.K.Mishra, CGM/Rajasthan who was the guest of the honour, Sh.Subhash Mahariya Ex.Central Minister,Sh. P.C.Mehta, GM(HR) and Sh. G.R.Verma, GM Finance, Rajasthan Circle. CGM presented a very comprehensive picture of the growth parameters and exhorted upon the audience to put in their best efforts to bring the Company out of the red zone that it is in. CGM also appealed to our members not to shy away from taking over the responsibility of heads of SSAs and also urged upon them that his instructions on improving quality of services and customer interface be implemented in letter and spirit. Sh. G.R.Verma, GM/finance, also gave a detailed account of the growth parameters during the last five to six months and underlined that the Circle has made remarkable and incredible improvement during the last six months. Sh. P.C.Mehta, GM HR also addressed the open session.  <<< click here for new circle body >>>

Open Session on the occasion of Circle Conference going to be held  on 19th and 20th December at Sikar  will be held at 12 Hrs. on 19th Dec’2015 at Hotel Muskan Palace,opposite Jhunjhunu Bye-pass  Road tiraha, Jaipur Road,Sikar Sh. Subhash Maharia,Ex.Central Minister will be the Chief Guest and  Sh.M.A.Khan,ED(NB),Sh.N.K.Mehta,Director(EB),Sh.R.K.Misra,CGMT Rajasthan,Sh.P.C.Mehta,Sr.GM(HR),Sh.G.P.Verma GM(Finance) will be guest of honor.Sh.G.L.Jogi Chairman SNEA(I),Sh.A.A.Khan CHQ President,Sh.S.L.Sharma CHQ VP,Sh.K.Sebestin GS,Sh.Rakesh Mehta JS(west),Sh.A.P.Dahiya JS(central),Sh.Manish Samadhiya AGS will also attend and address the open session. . All the members are requested to make it convenient to attend the open session and grace the function.

Report of Distt. Secretaries should contain following points:

1.   Total number of executives working in SSA.

2.   Membership

3.  Direct Recruited JTOs enrolled as member of SNEA.

4.  Jtos promoted from TTA  enrolled as member of SNEA.

5.  Accounts personels enrolled as member of SNEA.

6.  CHQ Quota paid up to -------------------------------.

7.  Circle Quota paid up to ------------------------------.

8.  Status of various DPCs for Time Bound Promotions which were due up to Oct’2015. 

District Secretaries are requested for intimate their detail regarding delegates and observers for attending the Circle conference at Sikar on 19th and 20th of December 2015. They are requested that delegates  should be limited  as per the provisions of our constitution. Unlimited gathering may cause inconvenience to host branch regarding lodging and boarding arrangements.

Circle conference of SNEA(I) Rajasthan Circle will be held on 19th and 20th of December 2015 at Hotel Muskan Palace, Jhunjhunu by pass Tiraha, Jaipur Road, sikar. All the Distt. Secretaries are requested for clearing the subscription and contribution by members for holding of circle conference at the rate of Rs.500.00 per member as decided in the CEC meeting held on 1st Nov. of 2015 till 30th of Nov.2015 positively.

 <<<Click here for Notice >>>

Meeting of circle office bearers along with District Secretaries was held on 1st Nov.2015 at conference hall PGMTD campus, Jaipur to discuss the following agenda:

1.  Cooption of circle treasurer.

2.  Decide the venue and date for holding of circle conference.

3.  Decide the constitution to be collected from each member for hold the circle conference.

4.  Decide the delegation fees.

5.  Discussion on current organizational issues.

Circle secretary convey his sincere gratitude’s to each and every member of SNEA (I) Rajasthan circle for extending his unqualified support for holding of XXIX All India conference w.e.f. 5th to 7th Sept.2015 at Jaipur. Hard work done by comrades yielded very positive results in the term of holding of AIC in a very nice manner. Agenda points have been deliberated  thoroughly in the house and unanimously decided as under:

1.  Cooption of circle treasurer: Sh S.R. Sharma District Secretary PGMTD branch was co-opted Circle treasurer till holding of circle conference.

2.  Venue and date for holding of next circle conference: Bikaner and Sikar SSAs have come forward to host the venue for holding of circle conference. After deliberations house concluded that circle conference will be held at Sikar between 15th Dec.2015 to 25th Dec.2015. The District Secretary Sikar will explore the availability of suitable venue within a week and inform to circle secretary accordingly. Circle secretary will visit the available venues and decide appropriate venue and date between 15th to 25 Dec.2015 with consultation to General Secretary.

3.  Contribution to be collected: House unanimously decided Rs. 500.00 for each member for holding of circle conference. The District Secretaries will collect this amount and deposit it in the circle account with intimation to circle treasurer before 30th Nov.2015 positively.

4.  Delegation fees: Delegation fee will be Rs. 600.00 for per delegate and observer also.

Circle secretary appraised the house regarding persuasion being done with circle administration for procurement of essential stores and settling of pending issue of members.

MEETING OF CIRCLE OFFICE BEARERS ALONG WITH DISTRICT SECRETARIES: Circle office bearers meeting along with District Secretaries will be held on 1st November'2015 at Conference Hall, PGMTD Campus Jaipur at 11.00AM to decide the venue and date for holding of next Circle Conference,All the Circle office bearers and District secretearies are requested to attend this meeting well in time.

28.10.2015: Felicitation function of V.P. Shri Shankar Lal Sharma and Distt. conference of Sriganganagar Branch   <<<Click here for details >>>

28.10.2015: Felicitation function of V.P. Shri Shankar Lal Sharma and Distt. conference of Sriganganagar Branch   <<<Click here for glimpses >>>

20.10.2015: CS meeting with  Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur for discussion regarding procurement of essential stores and grievances of members. <<<Click here for details of discussion>>>

01.10.2015: CS writes to Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding procurement of essential stores. <<<Click here for letter>>>

23.09.2015 Notice for Circle Executive Committee Meeting <<<Click here for notice >>>


 05.08.2015 CS writes to Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding cancellation of transfer orders <<<Click here for letter>>>

04.08.2015: CS writes to Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding resolutions  passed in the CEC <<<Click here for letter>>>

03.08.2015:Third CEC meeting was held on 2nd August 2015 at conference hall, PGMTD campus, Jaipur. Issues related to developments, procurement of materials, improving quality of service, financial viability of BSNL and HR issues discussed in detail. Circle Secretary appraised house regarding efforts of association for procurement of materials. CS also appraised  the house in detail regarding settlement of HR issues of the members. Our CHQ President Sh.G.L.Jogi and GS Mr. K. Sebastin were also attended and addressed our CEC.GS discussed the issue of reduction of seniority of LDCE executives on the direction of supreme court of India and status and requirement of conducting of Management Trainee examination. CHQ President elaborately appraised the house about various development taken place regarding fixation of seniority of executives and appealed the house that not to get agitated on this issue of reduction of seniority and fight for your demand collectively, raise your issues at appropriate platform during AIC.CHQ President and GS reviewed the preparation for holding of AIC  and elaborately  discussed the importance and functions of various committees i.e. Reception committee, Accommodation committee, transport committee, Food committee, Apex committee for overall co-ordination, Press committee, Medical facility at Venue, Inviting of Management and technical expert for addressing open session and publicity of our AIC throughout the India to mobilizing  of base membership.


25.07.2015: CS writes to Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding pending grievances of members and development of BSNL. <<<Click here for letter>>>


Circle Executive Committee Meeting notified on 26.07.2015 is being postponed due to business of  GS Sh. K.Sebastin in CWC meeting at Hyderabad on 26th July 2015 & CHQ President Sh. G.L. Jogi in the marriage of Daughter of Sh. S.K.Agarwal Circle Secty.NTR New Delhi on 25th July 2015.The CEC Meeting will be held on 2nd Aug. 2015 at Conference Hall PGMTD,

requested to attend the meeting well in time.


Circle Executive Committee Meeting to review the arrangements of AIC witch is going to be held at jaipur w.e.f.4th sept. to 7th sept.2015.will be held at Conference hall PGMTD CAMPUS, Jaipur on 26/07/2015.at11AM.All the CEC members are requested to attend the meeting well in time.


Circle office bearers meeting for review the arrangements of AIC will be held on 26/07/2015 at conference hall PGMTD CAMPUS,JAIPUR at11AM,all the office bearers are reqested to attened the meeting well in time.


District conference of Ajmer TD Branch was held on 14.06.2015 at Divya Deep. Near about 20 members have attended the delegate session. Circle secretary along with Organizing Secretary Mr. R.R.Sharma has attended and addressed the delegate session.

Circle secretary elaborately discussed the issues related to development and maintenance of the company. He urged to members that each one should work with full dedication and devotion to turn around the company to his previous glories. Circle Secretary highlighted HR issues which need to take care at SSA level with persuasion of District branches. He appraised the house about various constraints in holding of DPCs for promotion to different cadres.

In the evening session election of office bearers for next term were conducted unanimously.

                District President             : Mr. P.R.Nogia

                District Secretary              : Mr. A.K.Gulati

                District Treasurer             : Mr. Manoj Sharma

Congratulations to Shri R.K.Mishraji , CGMT, Rajasthan Circle

Shri R.K. Mishraji  has joined as CGMT, Rajasthan Circle on 01/06/2015. Our association office bearers along with circle secretary met him   in F/N and congratulated him for becoming CGMT, Rajasthan Circle.

CGMT emphasized on proper maintenance and development of telecom network and achieving higher revenue targets by motivating of staff for working with full devotion and dedication. Association assured him full support for achieving assigned target.<<Click here for glimpses>>


 Congratulation to our circle president Shri S.K. Sharma  on graceful superannuation retirement from service after serving for long period on 30/05/2015.

<<Click here for glimpses>>



Congrats to one and all !
CMD called for discussion on Charter of demands. After detailed discussions with CMD, DIR HR, ED(Fin) and Sr GM(SR) on all the issues contained in the notice and concrete assurances given by Mangement that issues would be resolved by 15th August 2015, CHQ has decided to Call off the Trade Union actions.


MASS DHARNA ON 07.05.2015

AllSSA/Branch Secretaries and activts to make all out preparations for the Mass Dharna on 07.05.15 at Circle/SSA HQs and make it 100% success. Focus on door to door campaign and gate meetings.

All the Executives are requested to join the struggle to protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scales and to settle other HR issues.


·   Standard Pay scales of E2, E3, ---- for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc upto SGJAG. No demotion of the basic cadres JTO and SDE.

·        Time Bound Functional Promotion between 4 - 6 years.

·        Settlement of Pay Anomalies, antedating etc.

·        First TBP uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

·        Upgraded pay scales w.e.f 01.10.2000 and amendments of RRs for Civil/Elect/Arch wings.




Circle executive committee meeting was held on 8th April 2015 at Hotel Shri Ram Excellency Jodhpur. All the CEC member attended meeting well in time. Circle Secretary submitted his report comprising steps taken by association for mounting pressure on circle administration for procurement of essential stores by circle administration, organizational activities carried out and personal grievances and HR issues settled during intervening period. Constructive detailed discussions regarding constraints in development and maintenance of telecom network were held during meeting. Our All India president Sh. G.L.Jogi and General Secretary Co. K.Sebastine attended and addressed the CEC. Sh. R.K.Chauhan GMTD, Jodhpur, Sh. Pankaj Bhandari, Addl. G.M., Jodhpur, Sh. A.K.Tiwari, District Secretary AIBSNLEA and R.C.Vyas , Circle office bearer AIBSNLEA, Sh. Bhika Ram Bisnoi, District Secretary BSNLEU also invited for lunch. They were attended the house during address by our CHQ president and G.S. to gathering. Sh. G.L.Jogi highlighted the issue elaborately which are adversely affecting the growth and financial viability of BSNL i.e.(1) making subsidiary company of BSNL (BBNL). (2) Non filling of key posts in board BSNL for long time i.e. CMD, Director HR and Director Finance. (3) No compensation for loss on rural services. (4) Non procurement of equipment for development. (5) Poor quality of services (6) Proposal of merger of BSNL and MTNL. (7) Non refund of BWA spectrum. (8) Wrong recommendation of TRAI to force BSNL to surrender 1.2 mhz spectrums in premium 900mhz band. (9) Pension contribution on maximum of pay scale etc. General Secretary during address to gathering emphases on HR issues, current status of various DPCs i.e. JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to JAG and he narrated the effort of association to dealing with various court cases in different courts. He also appraised the house regarding preparation for filling of SLP in Supreme Court for vacation of interim stay on declaring of result of DPC for promotions to the cadre of SDE  from JTO. He also appraised the house regarding efforts of association at CHQ level for procurement of essential materials. GS urged the house for working with full devotion and dedication as per their ability and efficiency to save the company despite of various constraints. General Secretary announces in the house, next All India Conference will be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan in the month of July last week or August first week as per suitability and availability of venue.

After CEC district conference of Jodhpur branch was also held in presence of Circle President Sh. S.K. Sharma and Circle Secretary Sh. S.S.Rajput. During this District conference election of new body for next term were also held.

Following office bearers were elected unanimously for next term:

District President               : Sh. A.H.Rahi, SDE Admn.

District Secretary               : Sh. P.L.Meena, SDOP(South)

District Treasurer                : Sh. Mohmad Sabir, JTO(TX) Rural

 <<<Click here for glimpses>>>


Report of District Secretary in CEC should include following points:

1.Membership :

2.Last District Conference Held:

3. Circle Quota Paid :

4. CHQ Quota Paid :

5. Newly Promoted JTO from TTA enrolled our members:

6. Direct Recruited JTO enrolled our members.

7. Account Personnel Enrolled our members:

8. Total Number of Executive’s Cadre wise working inSSA :

9. Strategy to increase membership :

10. Legal Fund Paid :

Contact Nos. of Jodhpur Comreds  :

District President  Sh. L.S.Panwar :     9413395099

District Secretary  Sh. Anand Parmar :   9413395236

District Treasurer  Sh. K.K.Haldani :     9413394730

<<< Click here for Notice of IInd Circle executive committee meeting of SNEA(I), Rajasthan Circle is going to be held on 08.04.2015 at Hotel Shree Ram excellency, Jal Jog Choraha, Jodhpur>>>.



Circle secretary along with circle treasurer Mr. Remesh Kumar and CWC member Mr. Vipin Kumar Parashar to discuss the following points:

1.      Procurement of critical store items: Association has requested for immediately procurement of essential store items which are running short since long back. CGMT informed that tender for procurement of jointing kit of size No. 3&4 has been opened after technical evaluation financial bid will be opened parallel to this persuasion with telecom factory for early supplying of these kits is also going on. CGMT also assured for early action on other store items.

2.      Request transfer in the cadre of JTOs: We have requested for considering of request transfer orders of JTOs, those request had been registered up to 31.03.2014. CGMT assured for early action in this matter.

3.      Request transfer in the cadre of SDEs and DEs: We have requested for issuing of these request transfers in this month itself. CGMT assured for early action in this matter.

4.      Change of posting station of Mr. D.S.Shekhawat for looking after in the grade of DGM: We requested that Mr. Shekhawat has already served for three years at corporate office before joining on 02.08.2014 at circle office. So his order for looking after in the cadre of DGM should be revised from Ajmer to Jaipur. CGMT assured for looking in to this issue sympathetically.

5.      Chang of posting of Mr. Samrath Lal Meena for looking after on the post of DE: Sh. S.L.Meena looking after DE Gangapur city in Sawai Madhopur SSA has been posted at Bharatpur in recently issued looking after arrangement orders. Sh. Samrath Lal Meena is president of our Sawai Madhopur Branch. So his looking after orders should be revised for Sawai Madhopur SSA from Bharatpur SSA. CGMT assured for consideration.

6.      Transfer of Mr. L.S.Rathore from Pali to Jaipur: Sh. L.S Rathore has been transferred from Pali to Jaipur on deputation on 24.06.2010. He is working at PGMTD, Jaipur since 24.06.2010. He is going to retire on superannuation on 31.08.2015. So his transfer orders should be issued for Jaipur. CGMT assured for consideration positively.

CS writes to The Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding pending grievances of members <<<Click here for letter>>>>


All District Secretaries and Office Bearers are requested to complete the Signature Campaigning till 18th February 2015 positively on memorandum to be submitted to the Prime Minister on the occasion of Parliament March on 25th February 2015.

All the District Secretary are requested to make full Preparation for attending the Parliament March with maximum participation from their District and Communicate the approximate figure till 20th February 2015 to the Circle Secretary.

National convention to SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION is being held on 19th February 2015 at 1.00PM at PGMTD Campus Jaipur on the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations.

All  the members are requested to participate in this convention well in time to make it a grand Success. Our CHQ President Sh.G.L.Jogi will address the convention.


Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub-Divisional Engineer (Telecom) under 33% Quota to be held on 15.02.2015 :     

LDCE shall be restricted only for the vacancy year 2010-2011 and only those, who are eligible for having three years continuous experience in JTO(T) for the vacancy year 2010-2011, shall be allowed to sit in the examination to be held on 15-02-2015.


View letter copy.
View Hon.CAT Guwahati CAT order


CS writes to The Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding Immunity from transfer to District treasurer <<<Click here for letter>>>

<<<Click here for Memorandum to the Prime Minister to be signed by atleast 50 citizens by every employees of BSNL before 10th Feb. 2015>>>>


Three days Dharna on 06th, 07th and 08th January, 2015 at SSA/Circle HQs .

As per the decision of Forum of BSNL Unions/ Associations, three days Dharna will be held on 06, 07, 08 Jan, 2014. All the issues in the charter of demands are related to BSNL revival only which is our main concern except 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL direct rect employees and pension revision for the pensioners. All SSA/Branch Secretaries and office-bearers at all levels are requested to make extensive preparations for the Dharna. 

Maximum members should participate in the Dharna on all the days and it should be ensued that each and every BSNL employee is participating in the Dharna atleast one day by aVailing leave.


C/S writes to The Chief General Manager, Rajasthan Telecom Circle, Jaipur regarding pending grievances of members <<<Click here for letter>>>>

Meeting with CGMT Rajasthan on 24/12/2014: CS along with CT and DS PGMTD Sh.S.R.Sharma met to CGMT Rajasthan and discussed regarding acute shortage of essential stores for Development and maintenance ofTelecom Network i.e. Splicing Kits for OFC,OF cables for Maintenance, cable joint closers of 3 to 6 size, BB modems, ST-1 etc.

Association demanded consideration of request transfers of JTOs those has register their request in request register up to 31 March 2014.

Association also requested for consideration of pending request transfers in the cadre of SDE and DE.

CGMT assured to look into these issues positively and agreed to procurement of critical stores and consider the pending request transfers. 



CS notified deferment of IInd Circle executive committee meeting of SNEA(I), Rajasthan Circle which was notified vide  SNEA(I)/Raj./CGM/CEC/2014-15/33 dated 25.11.2014 till further notice due to unavoidable circumstances.  <<<<Click here for notice>>>


Make extensive and serious mobilization to organize DEMANDS DAY on 11.12.2014  by organizing Lunch hour demonstration demanding the Central Government and BSNL Management to take immediate steps for the revival of BSNL, which is on loss for the last four consecutive years. Participate in en masse and make it a grand success.

Report of District Secretary in CEC should include following points:

1.Membership :

2.Last District Conference Held:

3. Circle Quota Paid :

4. CHQ Quota Paid :

5. Newly Promoted JTO from TTA enrolled our members:

6. Direct Recruited JTO enrolled our members.

7. Account Personnel Enrolled our members:

8. Total Number of Executive’s Cadre wise working inSSA :

9. Strategy to increase membership :

10. Legal Fund Paid :

Contact Nos. of Jodhpur Comreds  :

District President  Sh. L.S.Panwar :     9413395099

District Secretary  Sh. Anand Parmar :   9413395236

District Treasurer  Sh. K.K.Haldani :     9413394730


<<<< Notice of IInd Circle executive committee meeting of SNEA(I), Rajasthan Circle is going to be held on 08.03.2015 at Hotel Shree Ram excellency, Jal Jog Choraha, Jodhpur>>>.


Dt. 20/11/2014

Request Transfer of Sh. S.C.Gupta, DE, from BSNL Corporate Office to Rajasthan :

Request Transfer orders of Sh. S.C.Gupta,DE(MM Cell) Corporate office,New Delhi has been issued by Personnel cell of BSNL Corporate office vide 412-12/2014-Pers.I dt. 14/11/2014On request of our association due to expiring his wife Mrs. Geeta Gupta.During  meeting with CGMT Raj.  On 19th November2014  Circle Secy. Requested for posting at Jaipur for educate his children though his wife Geeta Gupta has been expired on 17/10/2014.